There are no original copies of even one of the books of the Holy Bible. All of them have disappeared from our access. Everything we have is copies of older copies. The ancient Jews left a legacy of how they did it. They gave numbers to each character of their alphabet. When a page was copied, each character was numbered on both copies and tallied. If the tally matched, the old copy was destroyed. We in this modern happy go lucky world, we cannot imagine the devotion those early father's had in keeping the Word of God intact from generation to generation.

  The necessary thing to give the whole world access to the Bible is found in interpretation. Interpretation, not only of various languages, but also of time periods. For centuries, faithful men translated the Bible into various languages and as languages changed, made readable copies. These all should be referred to as literal translations, for the copies were exact linguistic translations. There have been commentaries written about the Bible from the beginning. Men gave their interpretation of what they believed the scripture said. Many of these writers brought in historical and archaological substance to prove their assertions. All this was acceptable as long as the reader was allowed to make his or her own conclusions. A problem began to develop somewhere along the way, when scholars took upon themselves the ability to dynamically interpret the Bible. In other words, they began to assume that their interpretation of the Bible was the correct one. Publishers picked up on the fincancial advantages of various interpretation and versions. The new door will never be shut and the freedoms taken by the dynamic interpreters will only get worse. Paraphrasing is just one of the steps that has led to error.

  The most convincing aspect of the version debate is whether or not God truly exists and whether or not He has given His Word or not. This is joined by the fact that, according to all versions, we are going to be ultimately judged. Since we have been given the only source of God's laws, then obviously they will be what we will be judged by. How can we be righteously judged if we do not know what the laws are? I believe God has preserved His Word in the English King James Version and I can be assured that it is His true Word as literally interpreted from earlier literal copies. Any version that does not agree with it one hundred percent is a forgery.


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