My God is Real

There is no other tangible explanation for anything, if there is no supreme being. If there is a supreme being then He would have notified us in one of two ways, His supremacy and power would have exhibited itself in multiple forms to everyone, or His plan would have been directed to those whom He wanted to communicate. The latter is the obvious plan.

  We have a wonderful unscathed book called the Bible. This book reveals to its studious readers, God! True there are a lot of things we do not know about Him, but we are sufficiently informed to make rational decisions concerning Him and His ingenious plan. Simply, humans were put on this earth as living, thinking beings. We were created in the image of God Himself (a very deep, deep subject.) Being potentially equal (joint heirs) God designed a way for us to co-exist with Him eternally with no threat.

  The barrier between us and Him is SIN. Somehow sin has to be eradicated. According to what God wants us to know, sin can only be eradicated through shed blood, ultimately the blood of Jesus Christ. The only way we can apply that blood to our sin is through faith, (believing God and on Christ in particular.) If we belive in our heart and confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus, then God recreates the eternal part of us to exist eternally with Him.

  God tells us in His book that He existed before the beginning. He existed in three personal forms before the foundations of the earth (see the article on Jesus the Word of God) Jesus told us that before Abraham was, Jesus is. Eternity for God runs forward and backward. Eternity is not broken up in to days, months, years. Not even milleniums.

  God is the creator of everything, without Him was not anything made. All of the material things we know of was spoken into reality except human beings. We were created by God's own hands and were generated into life by His own breath. We were created in His own image.

  God's greatest desire, as revealed in His book is that He wants to be our God and we, who believe Him, to be His people and that we may dwell together with Him in perfection eternally.


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