Calvary Baptist Church - Nixa, MO

  Bro. Eckels had his chosen song leader begin the song service promptly at 7pm Monday night. Even though the outside temperature was hovering around 20%, the warm auditorium was near 90% filled, and the singing was unanimous. Bro. Kent Hogan, Pastor Bible Baptist in Carthage sang a self accompanied special.

  Pastor Derrek Ecklels then led Bro. Charles Elliott to the pulpit and introduced him.
  With minimum preliminaries, Bro. Elliott had us turn to Ezra 10:1 and read the first phrase. He said instead of preaching a sermon, he wanted to give a short history from his life. He told how he had taken a small group of people in Louisiana, Missouri in 1978 in a church founded by Berean Baptist in Springfield. They were meeting in a small house with about 15 attending. Shortly after taking the church, the Lord kept bring tonight's Bible text into mind.

  He tried everything to make the church grow, which it did to the point of a new location being necessary. They found a previous Chevrolet garage and moved into it. A special fellowship meeting was announced in Indianapolis, IN. He went to that meeting and was awakened to the lack of the power of prayer in his life. He came back to Missouri and led his Church in a miraculous change. God greatly blessed his ministry there.

  Tuesday morning came with a wide variety breakfast where several gathered for a good time of fellowship. And the service began promptly at 9am with a couple congrgational songs. Bro. C.R.Curtman was the first speaker of the morning and he chose Jeremiah 6:10-17 as his text for a message on the great enemy of preachers, Compromise.

  What is the path to compromise?
1. Ignore the biblical warnings.
2. Infatuation to things and ways of the world.
3. Casualness. Lev. 6:13; Lk. 12:35; Mk. 12:30
4. Consequences Amos 3:2; Rev. 3:20
We must not minister selfishly, but for the Glory of God.

  Bro. Joe Decker sang a very applicable special, and Bro. Jeff Ables took the pulpit saying he was very happy with his chosen subject, 'Preaching.'

  His text was 2 Timothy 4:1-8 emphasizing that Paul was instructing Timothy. Two motivations, perilous times and we have to give account. I was not able to jot down a multitude of verses that shows that our times are no different.

  1. We are cimmanded to preach the Word.
2. We must preach our God given convictions.
3. We must confront the enemy and his captives
4. We must cry aloud to be heard and seen.
5. We cannot expect results to our message if there is no compassion.

  The final speaker for the morning was, again, Bro. Charles Ellioott. He brought a second part to his message on prayer, using 1 Samuel 1:1-19, Bro. Eckels read the text and Bro. Elliott gave a historacal picture of Hannah's world.
She broke tradition and rules to reach God.

  1. Hannah had a problem, and knew the only solution.
2. Hannah had a petition and was convinced it would be heard.
3. Hannah had a purpose and was willing to sacrifice to reach it.
4. Hannah made a promise based on God's promises and kept it.

All of the messages in this meeting meshed and were a blessing.

Calvary Baptist

with Pastor Derek Eckels was a great host.

14 Bro. Kent Hogan

On a personal note. The MoIFBP more or less spontaneously formed several years ago with the monthly gathering of a good number of preachers who considered themselves as Independent, Fundamental Baptists. We knew that we had a need of some form of fellowship, without the entanglements of any strings.

  Churches began inviting and sponsoring such gatherings. We, from the beginning stressed that we had no business or agendas. We did not choose leaders or directors, or any officers of any kind. Any Independent, Fundamental Pastor who attended and liked what he found would be included and could in turn invite the meeting to his own church. There is no one in charge. There is no one who runs it..(except the host pastor when it is in his church.)

  I know that Pastors have their Pastoral duties and some have to work a secular job as well. I know that we each have our clocks wound pretty tight and free time is a premium. I greatly enjoy,and am always encouraged by these meetings and truly believe they are beneficial in our time.

  Some of us have other connections that also demand a share of our time. I have never felt that we were in competition with anyone or any gatherings. There was and is a need for this type of meeting, there is almost always a new face in the crowd that gathers at these meetings. Believe it or not there are a good number of Independent, Fundamental Baptist pastors in Missouri who have no strings or allegiances and are not compromising their call from God. The world is becoming more and more entangled in churches and ministries and it is getting more difficult to stand our ground. I am thankful for brothers that I know are facing the same battles that I face.

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