How I was saved enough to last this long.

  My mom had taken me to a fundamental Baptist Church from a very young age. We would have been recognized as fairly faithful. Many weekends were spent at my grandmother's house where there were plenty of family just about any time.
  At any rate, by the time I had become a teenager, I was faithful enough to be teaching a class of Jr. boys, and was at the same time president of the teen department. Church was a regular part of my life. We had a pretty good group of teenagers, and we had extra get togethers fairly often at Church.
  Part of my job as youth president was to ask men to speak to our Saturday night Youth Meeting. In February of 1956, I asked our new pastor, Walter Miller, to be our speaker. He spoke on the subject of, "Soul Winning." He finished his topic with the necessity of new believers being baptized.
  Sitting there, suddenly, I realized that I at 17, had never had been baptized myself. So I approached the pastor and told him. After a couple of questions, he asked me to accompany him to his office.
  For the first time, I heard the Romans Road of Salvation. (Romans 3:10-12, 23;5:12; 6:23; 10:9,10,13) Somehow under the ministry of Raymond Dunn, I had grown up totally oblivious to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was not Bro. Dunn's fault, for he faithfully preached the Word of God. The story just had never entered my heart! It did in those few minutes, and I bowed my head, prayed a prayer asking God to save me in the name of Jesus and received Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and I meant it. but more importantly I have become convinced that God meant it!

  God changed my awareness in a few seconds. It all became so clear. I immediately knew Jesus personally. I awoke to the lostness of my world, including some of my loved ones. I went back over to the youth group elated. Told the youth director and his wife, and they very wisely invited me to sit down and talk. In a period of 15 minutes to an hour, Chuck and Lou Stansbery gave me very valuable information for a new convert.
  I knew that the Lord was real and His Word was true. My preacher encouraged me to read and begin to study the Bible. I dived in. This all happened in my Junior year. I began to grow in grace and the knowlege of the Scripture. I had a a desire to bring lost loved ones and lost friends to Christ. I lost some friends and alienated some of my family in my zeal. I know now that I did not do wrong! God knew my immaturity and has the power to overcome such shortcomings. The important thing is that people heard that they needed to be saved. I have matured through the years and confess that I have lost part of my first love.

  The salvation that I received on Saturday night, February 25, 1956, is eternal. My Bible has substantiated everything that has happened to my soul and life. I know that the Lord has forgiven my sin. I know the Lord has adopted me into his family. I know the Holy Spirit has moved into my life to stay. I know that I will arrive in Heaven the moment I pass from this life on Earth. I know that when the Lord calls His people home, I will definitely be included in those who rise from this world to be with him forever.(1Thessalonians 4:13-)
  Anyone can be saved. That person must come down to earth concerning his or her relationship with God. They must see that separation and what it is that separates. It is sin. Sins are a fruit of the root of sin. Sin has to be addressed and admitted. Sin has to be regretted. Sin has to be recognized as that which takes people to a Godless Hell and eternity. Sin can only be washed away. The blood of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will wash away sin. Jesus died on the Cross for all our sin. That death is ineffective until a person accepts it with the heart. When a person accepts the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ in his or her heart and calls upon God for real salvation then God saves once and for all.

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