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Next meeting will take place 3rd Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Retired Independent Baptist Preachers & Wives Welcome!!
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September 16, 2020
Even though it was a beautiful Fall day, we did not expect a large crowd today due to several ircumstances, but were pleasantly surprised as 25 did appear.
We had a great time of food and fellowship. Bro. Boonstra gave a couple of details of his past experiences, then invited Jim Smith, his son-in-law to share a running testimony of God's work in he & Sharon's life. Neat story!
A special blessing. Even though Jim & Becky Lee are going through a very tough time with his health just now, they determined to join with us today.

August 19, 2020
Still ajusting to the shutdown rigamarole, but 27 of us enjoyed the afternoon of food and fellowship. Sue gave a beautiful salute to her husband, Bill, who took his journey for glory last month.
Edward Penner, brightened us with a concise rundown on his life experience including how he found Jesus as Lord & saviour and his marvelous helpmeet.

I am having problems with the producers of this webpage, so not sure of the outcome.
July 15,2020
Finally, after 4 months 25 of us gathered in our old room at the Golden Corral. New faces joined with us and we will miss Bill Anderson. Quite a few prayer requests were presented representing many who are hurting or struggling.
Bro. Bill Hathaway drew our attention to Heaven with a couple of stories of his experiences. It was good to get back together.

June 17, 2020 CANCELLED
May 20, 2020 CANCELLED
April 15, 2020
The mandated shutdown means that Golden Corral is not set to seat us this month, they have curb service I hear, but I don't think we want to sit in our cars and look at each other while eating carryout!!!!
March 18, 2020
Due to the uncertainties of the Wuhan Corona Virus, we will be cancelling the March gathering.
Hope to see you April 15th.
February 15, 2020
The restaurant messed up the third time in almost 6 years, but we adapted to a new surrounding and had a great time. 29 of us gathered with a couple of first timers. Bro. Ken Rhodes gave us a brief outline of his and his wife Patsy's life in God's service. Many of us could identify with him as they stepped out several times, "not knowing whither he went."
Several regulars were unable to make it, so we prayed for them and other prayer needs.

January 15, 2020
 Almost like a Spring day, 38 of us gathered for the first time of a new year and new decade. There was an aire of enjoyment, even as a good crowd waited for the one oclock entrance to the Golden Corral. Most of the tables in our room was occupied.Bro. Cecil Tolbert gave us the story of his salvation and God's call into the ministry. It is always amazing that we were saved virtually the same way, but each of us has a unique story.

December 18, 2019
  Christmas season is busy, but 32 people showed up for the monthly gathering of RIB with a couple of first timers. Great time of fellowship that lingered seemingly to suppertime.
  Steven Wygle gave a neat testimony that reminded us of our cloud of witnesses. His illustration was an old Bible in which he had collected signatures of God's servants through the years. Most of the names he recited, now only linger in memories.

November 20, 2019
:  Even though it is a week before Thanksgiving, 29 of us met for lunch, fellowship and a marvelous testimony. Our daughter, Valerie Birge flew in from California and attended with us. Bro. Rick Toney gave us the details of his Christian life. His experience is proof that God will pick up from where we leave Him and still do marvelous things through us.
We plan to meet again next month on the 18th.

October 16, 2019
It is really great to see a good number of God's servants gather for a time of Fellowship. A lady and a gentleman stood aside as 27of us made a line at the entrance to the restaurant, they were honoring us. There was an extra long prayer list, so Bro. Boonstra asked our speaker to go ahead. Sharon Boonstra Smith gave a glimpse of one aspect of her and Jim's continuing ministry. As we serve the Lord, one minute we can be on the mountain, the next can be a very deep valley, but God always gets glory.

September 18, 2019
Unusually hot day, but 34 folks gathered this September day for food, fellowship and friends. 5 people came for the first time. Karon Auterson quoted a moving poem that describes the path to God's service then gave a brief account of her coming from a Kansas farm to the mission fields where she and Frank served. These testimonies verify how God uses ordinary people for extra-ordinary tasks. Rita Needham offered her help in health insurance information.

August 21, 2019
Lots of activity in our meeting today with several first timers attending. The fellowship ran a good race against the food and seems to have won, even though the waitress that took care of all 34 of us very well.
Bro. Merle Carpenter gave us an inside view of a faithful church member and how they are the necessary support of the Gospel ministry.
Bro. John Waldrip, Pastor of Calvary Road Baptist Church in Monrovia, CA, has awakened us to the necessity of the New Testament description of a Church.

July 17, 2019
32 people showed up for a hot July day. Had a great time of fellowship. Bro. Joe Decker, Pastor of South Campbell Ave. Baptist Church here in Springfield, was our guest. Turned out to be the day's speaker. He told of his salvation and calling, then described an outstanding public school ministry. He shares our burden for more missionaries to step up to the world need.

See if you can spot Joe Decker in these Photos?

June 19, 2019
About 35 people came for the June gathering of RIB. There was as much or more of fellowship than food. Dr. Boonstra had been persuaded to share one of his stories. He told us of a time he had lost his papers and money in India, but in spite of many obstacles, God enabled every thing he had lost to be returned to him intact. God is truly a God of miracles.
 : We said goodby to Mel & Barbara Brown who will shortly be moving to Texas in their retirement. They have attended the RIB meetings from its beginning.

One of my photos came up blank....
May 15, 2019
Though a busy month, still 31 people showed up for the RIB gathering. Bro. Boonstra was attending graduation week at Heartland Baptist College. Mrs. Sue Garard gave an encouraging testimony from her life's experience. Seemed to be an extra happy crowd.

April 17, 2019
A beautiful Spring day welcomed 39 of us to the Golden Corral. 6 new faces joind with us for the meal and fellowship. We prayed especially for Lloyd Baker and Jim Garrison who couldn't be with us because of health problems. A young preacher, who enjoys our company, gave an amazing testimony of his life citing several in the room with whom he connected. It is comforting to know God has not ran out of reliable preachers of His Word. We wish the best for Aaron Brummitt and his fiancee, Jackie.
The crowd was hustling around, so I suffice with snapshots.....
................................................................................... March 20, 2019
When it rains, it pours or just drizzles.... We tried our best to welcome spring with 36 of us getting together. Bro. Loren McAlister gave a marvelous testimony of his coming to Christ and what Jesus has done with him since. He reminded us that all we need to do is yield and God does what He wills.
Well now to my blunders. First I didn't bring my recorder then second when I got home, started my routine of transferring pictures from phone to computer. A glitch and all the photo's went into one of those internet clouds, only God knows where. So no pictures this month.
................................................................................... February 20, 2019
Nice day in February brought 34 people into the Golden Corral for lunch and a time of fellowship. Bro. Keith Bassham gave his personal salvation testimony with details of how God took hold of and used his life. Most of us there have benefitted from his service for Christ. Bro. Boonstra then asked for prayer requests; with several hands being reflected. We had a great day.....

................................................................................... Bill & Sue just reported that the visit they made revealed that the lady we prayed for had been saved at age 9.

January 16, 2019
Wilda asked ne to run off some welcome letters for each family of attendees today.... so I ran off 25 copies. Lo and behold, 45 people showed up. If you didn't get a letter and want one, reply to this report.
It was an enjoyable time with several first timers. Wilda and I came up with a time of testimony...she preached and I took the offering (just kidding.) It is really great to spend these moments together with old time friends.

December 19, 2018
Special Christmas turnout for our December gathering. Some returning ater some time and new ones were welcomed. Didn't have a testimony presentation, but Dan Moore was a spontaneous speaker and was a blessing in reminding us of our unspeakable gift from God. Christmas spirit was among us and it was good to get together. I forgot my normal camera, so used my camera phone. Must have had it set on heartbeat cycle......

Notice: The January meeting will start the New Year for us. Wilda has scheduled the third Wednesday of every month....

November 21, 2018
Well we had less than a hundred show up for the day before Thanksgiving, and had an enjoyable time of food and fellowship. Someone was telling the story of a missionary who went to a very difficult field and was trying to start a work. Meanwhile, a pastor in the states was able to win a national from that country residing illegally in the states. After the national got saved and baptised, God convicted him of his illegality, so returned to his country, hooked up with the missionary and was a great help in building a work. God is wonderfully able to accomplish what we think is impossible.

October 17, 2018
What a turnout! Forty of us gathered at the Golden Corral today with first timers and long distance returnees. Marvelous day between two cold weather fronts. Sue Anderson shared her testimony of how God directed her life from girlhood. Wonderful story of how her and Bill found each other.

September 19, 2018
36 people attended the RIB meeting. Several came back from travelling. Debbie Thompson related how Honduras had awakened some valuable life lessons for her. (probably good material for a book.) It reminded us to take better advantage of life's experiences and acquaintences.

August 15, 2018
They kept coming and we had 31 who showed up for food and fellowship. Bro. Bill Anderson gave a very personal testimony of his salvation and call into the ministry. Its amazing how God picks out those of us who serve him.

July 18, 2018
Hot day, but thirty of us met in the coolness of the Golden Corral. Some new ones came this month, happy to see them. Amazing how our personal lives intertwine. Rita, Daughter of Margaret Hathaway, gave an outstanding story of how a closed country has been dropped into her life as a mission field with several stories of souls being saved. Simply amazing!
* Names have been edited because of closed field status*

June 20, 2018
Vacation time, yet 27 of us showed up. Some came to eat and have fellowship, others to fellowship and eat.... Good time! Richard Konnerup told us of his path to Ethiopia and how God used his talents and abilities on the mission field.

May 16, 2018
Busy month for everyone, but still had 38 took the time to have a meal and fellowship. Bro. Lance Patterson gave an update on their return to the Philippines after a medical break. Several prayer requests and a couple reports of answered prayer.

April 18, 2018
Had a great time at our Aptil gathering with a good turnout of 30. Judy Adrian gave some marvelous facts about the Westside Baptist Church in Hutchison, Kansas and also her personal story, which was another example how God brings couples together. Quite a few of us lingered in fellowship after the photo session. Enjoyable time!

March 21, 2018
Beautiful day for Spring meeting, 32 people showed up with the normal animated atmosphere. Several newcomers and the return of Janeen Good made our day. Doug Thompson gave a quick overview of one aspect of he and Debby's work in Honduras. A clear story of God's work in saving what was to become a large string of conversions. We often are not aware of, or forget how God works in families or neighborhoods in the formula of each one wins one. Very encouraging testimony.

February 21, 2018
Weather was forcast to be an ice storm, but 27 people turned up at the Golden Corral including some guests. Scooted some tables to where we could have closer fellowship. Bro. Frank Auterson gave us his personal testimony who along with his wife, Karen, were missionaries to Ethiopia and Papua, New Guinea. He told how in that country, from one small church years ago, the island now has churches scattered all over the island.
January 17, 2018
A break in bad weather allowed us to have a great January meeting. Several regulars and a couple of guests showed up. The weather encouraged us and the fellowship was even gooder....
Bro. Gary Jayne was our speaker, taking us back to his childhood and giving us an insight into the beginnings of Harold Jayne's family steps into the service of the Lord. Gary and most of hid siblings followed their dad and mom. Gary finished his testimony by taking us back to one of his first points. He expanded upon the fact that a crippled little lady had first invited the Jayne family to Church. We never know the final outcome of each encounter we have for the Lord.

December 20, 2017
Wow! We closed out our third year of RIB with 24 people gathering at the Golden Corral including a several guests. Cristmas time is always a happy time for lovers of the Lord. Bro. Jim Lee gave a testimony that included the miraculous recovery of their son from a very recent heart attack. It is amazing what God can do. Wilda has scheduled the third Wednesday of each month of 2018. Looking forward to a wonderful year. If the Lord comes to get us before then, then it will be a wonderful eternity.

November 22, 2017
Even though a day before Thanksgiving, we had almost 20 to show up for our November confab. A marvelous time of fellowship, good food meeting some new comers.

Apologies for poor quality photos. My photo editor is not working.

October 16, 2017
Had an outstanding good number of folk, with 2 new couples, show up for our October gathering. Good time of fellowship and a tremendous testimony by Paul Hylton, former missionary to Formosa (Taiwan) and the BBFI Missions Office.
By popular request, we will be having our meeting on November 22nd.
17-08-16a 17-08-16a

September 20, 2017
21 folk gathered for the September meeting of RIB. We had a young lady from Ukraine as our waitress. Bro. Dan Moore, retired missionary to Singapore, was our speaker. He related how the Lord eventually brought he and Sharon from Mansfield, OH to the oriental world. His testimony reminds us that the Lord knows the best use of our lives.
17-08-16a border=8

August 16, 2017
A busy summer for each of us, but 27 folk buzzed in right at one o'clock and we ended up with a pretty good crowd, a good time of fellowship concluding with an outstanding testimony by Barbara Brown of how the Lord guided her and Mel through life from a small set of living room furniture. Our prayer list was lengthy with many needs. Our faith, though tested, holds; because we have seen how God answers prayer!
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July 19, 2017
Hot day outside, but a cool room in the Golden Corral where 26 of us gathered for lunch and a time of sweet fellowship. Bro. Ken Adrian brought us up to date with details with his recent recovery from some serious cancer issues. His obvious faith remains true to his life's journey.
17-07-19c 17-07-19c

June 21, 2017
I have once again repaired my crashed computer. I apologise for not getting out info for June meeting. A smaller group, (missing the missionaries) but had an enjoyable time together.
No Pictures
May 25, 2017
Bro. & Mrs. Carl Boonstra celebrated their 70th Wedding anniversary:

May 17, 2017
With a number of first timers, we had a very good turnout of 31 today. A marvelous time of fellowship. Bro. Lloyd Baker (Phillipines) reminded us that God's plans for our lives is not finished until He says it is finished. Wilda & I were sung to for our 57th anniversary.
17-05-17a 17-05-17b 17-05-17c 17-05-17d 17-05-17f 17-05-17g
April 19, 2017
A beautiful spring day, welcomed 25 folks to our mo70thnthly gathering. Several spoke of blessings, some have a difficult path right now, but our faith remains stedfast. Bill & Dorothy Merritt gave the story of Dorothy's life as missionaries's daughter and being single until widower Bill came into her life. Her and the kids made an early pact in the family; "No steps in this family!" Seems like some of the crowd lingers longer each month, but the fellowship is sweet..

17-04-19a 17-04-19b
March 15, 2017
22 folks showed up today for a typical March afternoon. Had a great time in the general discussions of God's blessings in our lives. Karen Smith who with her husband, Richard, had served as missionaries to Iceland into the mid ninties gave her story. It was well told allowing us to share in her wonder of how God's will was done in their lives. He was taken from this world at the age of 61. She finished the story by telling how the Lord may have, yet, things she may do.

17-03-15a 17-03-15b 17-03-15c 17-03-15d 17-03-15e 17-03-15g

February 15, 2017 Several of us were able to gather for a good meal and great fellowship. Special prayer for Chuck Cremeans, Elsie Boonstra, Tony Birge and others. Mrs. Jorene Howard presented a unique skit of her life story as only she could.Her and Branson obviously enjoyed their lives together. Several of us remained for a good while.

17-02-18a 17-02-18b 17-02-18c

January 18,2017
  They just kept coming! Wow, what a crowd. 32 people showed up for our first meeting of 2017. Everyone was in good spirit, even in spite of physical ailments. It was good to see Jim Garrison make it in spite of physical hindrance. Bro. Boonstra had to come alone, as Mrs. Elsie is homebound. Several regulars were missing and were missed. Bro. Bill Merritt gave his uplifting life testimony, very encouraging. We find it difficult to locate retired preachers/missionaries in Springfield area. If you know of such, please tell them of us.
17-01-18a 17-01-18b 17-01-18c 17-01-18d 17-01-18e
October 19, 2016
  Rain and other activities cut our attendance this month, but we had enough folks to show up for a very enjoyable time together. We are concerned about the health of Elsie Boonstra. We are very concerned about the state of our nation and the coming election. We heard a tremendous testimony from the waitress that served our group, there was no doubt she loves the Lord.
  We remind everone that the next meeting will not occur until January 18, 2017 if the Lord tarries!!!!
September 21, 2016
  Twenty two of us, including a young couple from the Philippines, met today for our monthly get together. A good time and good food plus the sweetness of fellowship. Stan Metts was given an opportunity to relate the story of Tura Mako, a young preacher man in Ethiopia.We closed in prayer for Bro. Bob Baird, Jim Garrison and others.


August 17, 2016
  The restaurant had no parking spaces just minutes before our crowd was to arrive, but gradually spaces became available as we drove up. Summer is a busy time but still a good number showed up for good food and fellowship. Bro. Boonstra related one of his experiences of a trip to the Congo and the work of God in the hearts of three Africans in an unusual encounter.

July 20, 2016
  Hot day outside, but cool and cozy inside the restaurant. A good number gathered for lunch and fellowship. Mrs. Mary Nevius retired missionary to Argentina gave her personal life testimony and how the Lord brought her from the world of Detroit, MI to Argentina. Bob Perryman is wanting his talents and preaching abilities to be used of the Lord in gatherings and places that can use him.

June 15, 2016
  With most of our missionary attendees, attending elsewhere today, there was still a good number of us who met at the Golden Corral for lunch and a time of fellowship. One of the neatest things about the RIB meetings is the casual atmosphere. It is nice just to be able to sit down with friends at a good meal.
(no pictures)

May 18, 2016
  After a near week of steady rain, we had a nice day to gather for our May meeting. Everyone ate heartily with a great atmosphere of conversations. Then Margaret Hathaway gave her testimony of her salvation. Each of us were able to relate to her experience, and this sweet lady honored her Lord with her words.

April 20, 2016
  22 of us were able to make the RIB meeting today, nice day with a crowded restaurant. As usual the waitress did an excellent job of taking care of us. Bro. Bob Perryman gave us a very interesting slice of his life, beginning with the first experiences of his life with Mary Lou and neatly tied in his current life with Barbara. He still evidences his marvelous humility and talent to sing.

March 16, 2016
  Again in March twenty two of us were able to make the meeting. Nice day and several spoke of blessings lately in their individual lives. Bro. Lloyd Baker gave his testimony of salvation, and detailed the beginnings of the Aisian Baptist Clearing House in the Phillipines who though the years have sent out Missionaries all around the world. We closed the meeting with prayer for others.

February 17, 2016
  Twenty two of us were able to gather today at the Golden Corral for lunch and a time of fellowship. Mrs. Patsy Pringle gave a warm testimony of her and Bro. Pringle's entrance into the ministry. It is great to discover that each of us share so many things in our paths of serving the Lord. It is also wonderful to hear that most of us still have the health and abilities to serve the Lord in various ways.

January 20, 2016
  Not a great day for a meeting. The weather had placed a thin sheet of ice on asphalt. Thus our turnout for the RIB meeting was the lowest since we began. Those who made it thouroughly enjoyed the time. Wilda Metts took the turn to give her testumony, giving insight on how a wife and mom could peacefully go to the African continent as a missionary. It was very well put. We were saddened because one of our regular attenders was not in our midst. Bro. Bill Good has gone to glory. It was a wonderful memorial service. His dear wife is recovering from serious health issues.
No pictures

October 28, 2015
  Our meeting in October was held on a very nice day. Bro. Richard Konnerup gave his life's testimony. This quiet natured gentleman spoke of happenings in his life that not only brought him to salvation but a wonderful marriage to Jeanine, his first wife. He told how his eldest son had introduced him to Anne, who had also lost a spouse. He is planning to take another trip to Africa, where he spent many years as a missionary.
No pictures

September 30, 2015
Refreshingly cool September day for 19 of us to gather at the Golden Corral. A really decent meal at a really decent price and an enjoyable time of fellowship. Bro. Lonnie & Georgine Brooks gave their life's testimony. I have known the Brooks since our days as missionaries in Ethiopia, but was very impressed with their story.

August 26, 2015
26 people showed up at the Golden Corral for lunch and a time of fellowship. Each of us really enjoy this special time each month. Col. Jack Henry gave his life testimony. He has a successful life in the military for many years, and most of us have been acquainted with his lifetime service for Christ. This gentleman has a wonderful humble heart.
The September meeting will be a week later than usual.
No Pictures

July 23, 2015
A good number of folk attended the July gathering at Golden Corral. Bro. and Mrs. David Moody gave their testimony of their salvation and call into the mission field, beginning in the Philippines. An important aspect of their testimony was how God has used them, man and wife as a team.
No Pictures

June 24, 2015
27 People made their way to the Golden Corral yesterday. We had a great time of fellowship. Bro. Bill Hathaway gave a moving testimony of his life's story. It was very evident that the Lord has used this man, as a missionary to Japan and more lately as he works with Japanese people here in Springfield. You may listen to his story at Follow archives to 2012. choose #3213 and 3214
No pictures

May 27, 2015
Found the photos a year after the date.

April 22, 2015
21 attendees had a good time of food and fellowship. Dr. Carl Boonstra was persuaded to give his ministry testimony and all of us there were tremendously blessed as he told of his walk of faith, from humble beginnings, his salvation and entrance into the ministry.

March 25, 2015
Bro. James Epps gave his life's testimony at 94. He said the Lord gave him the leadership in 14 Churches for the years of his ministry.

February 25, 2015
There were 23 folks who gathered on Wednesday the 25th:

January 14, 2015
Small crowd in January. Lots of Sickness and other real serous reasons.
No Pictures

November 12, 2014
Eighteen of us were able to brave the 32 degree weather. Good food, good fellowship and a wonderful testimony from Bro. David Pringle. Bro. Pringle told of his spiritual heritage and of his personal call into the ministry.

August 13, 2014
  Fifteen of us gathered for lunch and fellowship on Wednesday. We had a few of those who have been coming, call with reasons for not being able to come but encouraging us to continue the gathering. Bro. Bill Anderson, re-tired from the Philippines, gave his testimony and anyone could tell that his salvation as a young adult was only the beginning of a fruitful life. As with most of us, his ministry has moved to new areas, but he is still able and willing to serve the Lord, winning a person to Christ within past couple of weeks. We went our ways after praying in answer for prayer requests.

July 16, 2014

June 25, 2014

May 17, 2014

The reason we use Re-tired is because we are not done serving the Lord.....

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