A Christian View of the UFO Doctrines


The Bible clearly shows that extra-terrestrial humans are non existent and offers no evidence that humans exist on other planets or in other galaxies, however, there is irrefutable evidence of other life forms. Before you throw this article in the trash, answer this. Is Satan real? Does he control and lead other real beings? Are angels real? Do they interact with humans? Have they interacted with humans? I could conclude this article right here, but that would leave my burden loaded.

  We exist in a world of strange happenings. It is a very scary world to many. There are many, many questions for which there are no answers, and many answers that are not being provided. One of those mysteries are flying saucers. Increasingly that term itself is becoming a misnomer as various photographed shapes and sizes are appearing more frequently world wide, so the more correct term is unidentified arial phenomenon (UAP).

  The UFO disease has also spread voraciously planet wide. UFO disease is found in the expanded and exaggerated tales of sightings and encounters. This is the driving force for this article. The stories and accounts of Ufology are gaining adherents, especially among the younger generations who have been persuaded by hollywierd's productions of science fiction Star trek and Star war type films. Many men and women have come forward with a wide variety of elaborate tales centered upon extra-terrestrial subjects, and there is a huge audience who listen persuaded.

  Having looked into that world for a lengthy spell, I think I can knowingly speak on the matter. I will hold nothing back on this expose. Be prepared for the preposterous to the precocious. Just remember there are precious souls who are being led into nothing short of demonic influence.

  Most of the presented photos and videos by the proponents of UFOlogy are vague, dark and blurry. There are no clear professional quality materials of actual extra-terrestrial objects or beings in the UFO community. This fact pretty well seals their philosophies to hearsay, rumors or downright deception.

  There are several levels of UFOlogy. Most levels believe that the pilots are either from another planet, another dimension, or descendants from the German Nazi world that has continued from the thirties. These levels have named more than a dozen races of pilots and accompanying beings. The most commonly known alien is the one that is popularly "recognized" and described as little grey beings. The other extremes are human sized lizzard and insect types. One thing for sure, either hollyweird has greatly influenced the UFO community, or the UFO community has greatly influenced hollyweird.

  According to many so called cultured UFOlogists, a race of aliens from Venus visited Washington in the late 40's and made contact with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, then spent time in the Pentagon. Later, President Eisenhower brokered some sort of treaty with ET.(I have decided to use the familiar initials for assurances.)

  I have the strange feeling that I should take a moment to back myself up just enough to show my reader that I am not making this stuff up! Google "Valient Thorr". Don't be mislead by the government backed music group. Might be better to Google "Val Thorr Pentagon." Please don't become an instant convert!

  If you are still reading, then you didn't become a convert and you didn't write me off as loony. Shall I continue? According to the believers, the aliens made a deal with Dwight Eisenhower in the fifties. The deal was that the aliens could abduct humans and animals secretly and temporarily in exchange for alien technology. President Carter supposedly broke down and cried when this was revealed to him. I'm just repeating what they say. Lots of people have gotten on the abductee bandwagon. From their accounts, it is evident that demon possession is real and active.

  By now you may be saying,

"Why haven't I heard this before?"

Their reason for secrecy is twofold. First, if alien technology is made public, it will immediately make the petroleum industry obsolete. Secondly, if the alien presence is publically made known, every religion in the world will be devastated, causing mass hysteria. President Truman supposedly set up a secret organization called Majestic 12 to collect and maintain the secrecy of UFOlogy. President Eisenhower was at first denied access to the secret locations, but threatened to use his army to gain access. He eventually tried to warn America of the dangers of a Military Industrial Complex. That organization has grown powerful with occult influences, and has supposedly established bases on the Moon, Mars and deep under the surface of the earth, partially for a military industrial complex.

  A very important doctrine that pervades a major portion of UFOlogy and turns off born again Christians is the doctrine of time travel. Many UFOlogists believe that the Rockwell,NM vehicle came from 24000 years in the future and that most of the other craft came from either 49000 years or 52000 years in the future. The ones who come from 49000 years, supposedly, are here to alter the time line. In this segment of UFOlogy, many believe that humans can ascend to a higher plane of life by inward consciousness, brotherly love and taking better care of mother earth.

  A related area should be included in this article. Randy Cramer, Andrew Basiago and others have publically testified that they are part of government programs that have spent considerable time on Mars and other fantastical journeys.I personally believe these people have been victims of government mind control programs similar to Project Pegasus and Project Jumproom, where they are conditioned to believe they have experienced these events. A branch of the Industrial Military have developed laser beams that can merge projecting bright balls of light high in the sky that resemble UFO's.

  One more point. This could be far out feasible. As Hitler's world crumbled and fell, the USA quickly brought many of the German scientists to the US through Operation Paperclip, but many of the rocket scientists escaped and through the years have developed astounding aircraft (TR-3 Black Manta)etc., from some secret place on or under the earth. The conjectures from this point explodes. Somethings in this thought would actually explain flying saucers. Many of the groups claim to believe that the God of the Bible is real and rules all inhabited planets. Of these many include a jesus in their beliefs, but do not believe he is God or that salvation is only through him.

  The last resort of explanation is that demons are the only alien life form, and in these last days may be manifesting themselves to a lost world as a big lie!

  Within the world of UFOlogists, there are many nutcases, but there are some credible individuals. Men and women who have worked in government secret locations like Area 51, Edwards Air Force base and Wright Patterson Air Force base. These people are carrying out of their world's technical and relative documented information and are being organized into a class action called Sirius Disclosure. They are motivated by the threat of world dominators staging a 'False Flag' event making the extra terrestrials our virtual enemies. It is logical that if any ET's were out there in their amazing technologies, we would have already been contacted, obliterated or eaten!

  Most of the people and organizations who tout UFOlogy also include spiritual leanings, but not Christian spiritual. Most of them include Mother Earth and the need to preserve her. Telling us that atomic war and other ecological damage is of utmost concern from our inter-galactic neighbors. Actually, the overwhelming thing about UFOlogists is that virtually all of them who 'contact' aliens, do so through mental conversation and various sorts of meditation.The predominent thought today is that we will eventually be brought into the age of consciousness where we will be accepted into another plane of existance and be able to physically interact with other beings. Anti-creationists enter the fray with a segment who believe that humans are deliberately bred by an alien race called the anunaki who are soon to return revealing our cosmic heritage.

  Unanswered questions regarding official radar tracking of UAP and testimonies of credible whistle blowers are obstacles to be dealt with, but the exposure of this deceitful world is the task of every preacher of the Word of God.

  O.K. Thats enough!
Why is this article important. The answer is that we need to reach a growing number of the younger generation who actually believe much of the above. Captain Kirk and his relatives have won a lot of converts! If we do not know how to intelligently communicate with them, they are less likely to believe the Gospel.Two last questions. What did Daniel mean in Daniel 2:43 when he spoke of mingling? What did Jesus mean when He spoke Matt 24:37 "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be?"
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