Revelation in Seven Services

By Stan Metts

I. Rev. 1:1 - 3:22        Mastery of the Churches
     1. Revelation of Jesus Christ, Lord of lords, King of kings.1:1-20
     2. Churches surviving external stress. 2 & 3
       A. Those who are evil.2:2
       B. Nicolaitans. 2:6,15
       C. Deceivers. 2:9
       D. Persecution.2:10
       E. Satan’s presence.2:13
     3. Churches surviving internal stress. 2 & 3
      A. False Apostles.2:2 
      B. Balaam doctrine. 2:14
      C. Jezebel 2:20
      D. Imperfect works. 3:2
      E. Opulently lukewarm 3:15,16
II. Rev. 4:1 - 6:17        Mastery of the Covenants
     1. The Throne Described. Ch 4 
      A. Come up hither.v1
      B. Brilliance v2
      C. 24 Elders v4;10,11
      D. 7 Spirits of God v5 cf. 5:6
      E. 4 Beasts. V6-9 cf. Ezekiel 1   
     2. The Worthy Lamb. Ch 5
      A. The 7 sealed book. v1-4
      B. Lion of Judah, Root of David. v5
      C. A slain Lamb w/7 horns. v6
      D. The song of the Lamb. v7-14
     3. The Four Horsemen. Ch 6(Six Seals)
      A. Rider of the white horse. v1,2
      B. Rider of the red horse. v3,4
      C. Rider of the black horse. v5,6
      D. Rider of the pale horse. v7,8 
      E.. Martyrs under the Altar. v9-11
      F. Opening day of God’s wrath. v12-16
III. Rev 7:1 - 9:21        Mastery of the Conflagrations
     1. Sealing of the Twelve Tribes. Ch7
      A. Sealing from 12 tribes a remnant. V1-8
      B. Introduction to the multitudes. V9-17     
     2. Four Trumpets of Blood and Bitters. Ch8
      A. Seventh seal inducts 7 Trumpets. V2
      B. Prayers of the Saints. V3-5
      C. First trumpet. Fiery precipitation. V7
      D. Second trumpet. Burning mountain into the sea. V8
      E. Third trumpet. Wormwood onto waters. V9
      F. Fourth trumpet. 24 hour days cut to 16 hour days. V12
      G. Three Woe’s to come. v13
     3. Two Trumpets of Scorpians and Worse. Ch9
      A. Fifth trumpet. Bottomless pit creatures. V1-11
      B. Sixth trumpet. Euphrates angels’ army of 200,000. V12-19
      C. Unrepentant remnant. V20,21 
IV. Rev. 10:1 - 13:18        Mastery of the Counterfeiter     
     1. The Little Book of Sweet and Sour. Ch10
     2. The Two creditable Witnesses. Ch11
      A. Measuring the worshippers of God. V1,2
      B. The two witnesses. V3-12
      C. The Seventh trumpet. Heavenly Temple opened for business. V13-19
     3. The Expecting Mother and the Expecting Dragon. Ch12
      A. The travailing woman & the Thwarted dragon. Cf. Daniel 7:21-24
     4. 666 = Satan plus a counterfeit christ. Ch13
      A. The Anti-Christ appears first with dragon power. V1-9
      B. The False prophet restores the power of antichrist.  V10-18
        A. The world comes under domination.
V. Rev. 14:1 - 16:21        Mastery of the Conqueror
     1. The Sickles know the Difference. Ch 14
      A. The song of the Sealed Remnant. V1-5
      B. The Gospel Angel. V6,7
      C. The Prophetic news of Babylon. V8
      D. A final warning to the worshippers of Satan. V9-11
      E. The crowned son reaps his harvest. V14-16
      F. The Temple Angel reaps his harvest. V17-20
     2. Pause a Moment to Praise the Lord. Ch15
     3. The Seven Vials of Wrath. Ch16
      A. First Vial. Sores upon the Dragon worshippers. V1,2
      B. Second Vial. Sea becomes dead man’s blood. V3
      C. Third Vial. Rivers & springs become blood. V4-7
      D. Fourth vial. Great scorching heat. V8,9
      E. Fifth vial.  Darkness & pain for the throne of the anti-christ. V10,11
      F. Sixth vial. Way of Earth’s kings prepared. V12-16
      G. Seventh vial. Worldwide earthquake & Heavenly hail. V17-21   
VI. Rev. 17:1 - 19:21         Mastery of the Combined Evil
     1. Culmination of a One World Government. Ch17
     A. Description of the Mother of Harlots. V1-6
     B. No marveling! The beast is the dragon w/7heads & 10 horns. V7,8
     C. The heads represent kings over time. V10,11
      D. The horns represent kings to come. V12
      E. The horns have one mind to war with Christ. V13,14
      F. Christ will overcome and the horns will hate the harlot. V15-18
     2. Eulogy for the Harlot City, Babylon. Ch18
      A. Babylon’s doom is pronounced and carried out. V1-24
         A1. Merchants and kings lament.
         A2. The world’s pleasures & delights are destroyed in one hour.
         A3. She was the cause of all martyrs deaths. v24
     3. Celebration and Rehearsing of the Victories. Ch19
      A. The war in the Heavens ends. V1-6
      B. The marriage supper of the Lamb announced. 7-10
      C. The clean-up and command upon the earth. V11-21     
VII. Rev. 20:1 - 22:21        Mastery of the Coronation
     1. 1,000 Years to the Great White Throne. Ch20
      A. Satan bound. V1-3
      B. Christ reigns with us 1000 years. V4-6
      C. Satan loosed shortly. V7-10
      D. The White throne judgment is held. V11-15
     2. New Heavens and New Earth. Ch21
      A. Those who will be there will enjoy Heaven. V1-7
      B. There are some who will not make it. V8
      C. The description of the New Jerusalem, the Bride. V9-27
     3. One Last Invitation to join us in that Golden City. Ch22 
      A. No more worries or nightmares. V1-10
      B. Time is short to make the choice for Jesus. V11,17
      C. Don’t change this Book! V18,19
      D. Our prayer is “Come Quickly, Lord Jesus! V20,21

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