The following list of Questions contain a question from each verse
of the book of Revelation.  If you will take a little time and do your
best to answer each question, you will have a very good compre-
hension of the book and an understanding of God's plan for our
  Some of the questions may seem redundant and some are even
silly, but you will be building a base of knowledge of this book.
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Questions from Revelation Chap. 1
1. God gave revelation unto John to show his servants what?
2. John bare record of the Word of God and the testimony of what?
3. Blessed is he that readeth....... for the time is what?
4. How many Spirits did John say that were before the throne of God?
5. How did John say we were washed?
6. Jesus has made us kings and what?
7. All the kindreds of the earth will do what when every eye shall see Him?
8. What is a modern term for Alpha and Omega?
9. What was the name of the isle where John was?
10. John said he was in the Spirit on what day?
11. How many books was John to write for the seven churches?
12. What were the candlesticks made of?
13. Who was in the midst of the seven candlesticks?
14. What colors were Jesus' hair and eyes to John in Chap 1?
15. What did Jesus' feet look like in Chap. 1?
16. What did Jesus have in his mouth in Chap. 1?
17. When John saw Jesus in Chap.1, what did he do?
18. I am he that liveth, and was dead and behold what?
19. What three periods of time was John to write about?
20. The seven stars of Chap. 1 are what?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 2
1. What was the first church addressed?
2. They had said they were apostles and had found them what?
3. For Christ's sake they had laboured and had not what?
4. Jesus had somewhat against them because they had left what?
5. Jesus would remove their candlestick out of its place if they did not what?
6. They hated the deeds of the what?
7. Where is the tree of life?
8. What was the second church addressed?
9. Some blasphemed by saying they were Jews when actually they were what?
10. How long were they to have tribulation?
11. He that overcomes shall not be hurt of the second what?
12. What was the third church addressed?
13. Antipas was a martyr because the church dwelled where?
14. Jesus had a few things against them because they held the doctrine of whom?
15. How did Jesus feel about the doctrine of the Nicolaitans?
16. Jesus said he would fight against them with what if they did not repent?
17. The overcomer would receive a white stone with what written in it?
18. What was the fourth church addressed?
19. The last of what was more that the first?
20. They allowed the woman, Jezebel to do what?
21. Jesus gave her space to do what?
22. Some were headed for what because they committed what with Jezebel?
23. All the churches will know that Jesus searches the what?
24. Jesus would not put a burden upon those who had not known the depths of what?
25. What were they to do with that which they had already?
26. He that overcame would receive power over the what?
27. He shall rule with a rod of what?
28. Which star shall he receive?
29. He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith to whom?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 3
1.  What is the fifth church addressed?
2. They were to be watchful and to strengthen the things that remain for they were ready to what?
3. Jesus said he could come upon them as a what?
4. There were a few names in Sardis that had not defiled their what?
5. He that overcame would be clothed in white raiment and what would not happen to his name?
6. What does one need to hear what the Spirit say to the churches?
7. What was the sixth church addressed?
8. Though they had little strength, they had kept His word, and had not denied what?
9. For those who lied about being Jews, He would make them what?
10. Because they had kept the word of his patience he would keep them from the hour of what?
11. They should hold fast what they had that no man take their what?
12. What three names will he that overcomes have written upon him?
13. Who does the Spirit speak unto?
14. What is the seventh church addressed?
15. That church was neither what or what?
16. They were lukewarm and what will Jesus do with them?
17. They thought they were increased with goods but actually were what?
18. He counselled them to buy gold of him that had been what?
19. What does he do to them he loves?
20. When we hear his voice what must we do?
21. He that overcomes gets to sit where?
22. What do you need to hear the Spirit speaking to the churches?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 4
1. What did the trumpet in heaven say unto John?
2. John was in what when he saw the throne of God?
3. What was round about the throne in sight like an emerald?
4. There were 24 seats about the throne upon who sat?
5. There are 7 lamps burning before the throne which are what?
6. There was a sea like unto what and four what at the throne?
7. A lamb, a calf, a man and a flying what?
8. How many wings did each beast have?
9. What did the beasts give to the one on the throne?
10. What did the elders give to the one on the throne?
11. Why were all things created?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 5
1. What did the one on the throne have in his right hand?
2. The angel was calling for someone worthy to do what?
3. No man was worthy to open the book much less what?
4. What did John do when no one was found worthy to open the book?
5. Who was the root of David?
6. The only one worthy to open the book was a Lamb as it had been what?
7. Where did the Lamb get the book?
8. The elders had fragrant golden vials full of what?
9. The elders were saved because they sang that they had been what?
10. Jesus had made them kings and priests to reign where?
11. What would be a conservative number of angels around the throne?
12. Who was worthy to receive power, riches,wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing?
13. Who gave praises to the one that sat upon the throne and to the Lamb?
14. What did the four beasts say?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 6
1. What sound did John hear when the Lamb opened the first seal?
2. What was given to the rider of the white horse?
3. Did the same beast show John all the horses?
4. What was given to the rider of the red horse?
5. What did the rider of the black horse carry?
6. What was not to be hurt?
7. Who told John to come and see the fourth seal broken?
8. Who was the rider of the pale horse?
9. Where were the souls of them that were slain for the word of God?
10. What were those souls asking God to do?
11. Why was their desire for revenge put off?
12. What did the sixth seal do to the sun and the moon?
13. What did the sixth seal do to stars?
14. What happened to the heavens, mountains & islands?
15. Where did the inhabitants of earth try to hide themselves?
16. Then what did the inhabitants want the mountains and rocks to hide them from?
17. What day had arrived?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 7
1. This verse shows that angels have power over what?
2. What was the angel, who ascended from the east, carry?
3. Where did he intend to seal the servants of our God?
4. What was the total number sealed of the tribes of Israel?
5. What were the names of the 3 tribes in this verse?
6. What were the names of the 3 tribes in this verse?
7. What were the names of the 3 tribes in this verse?
8. What were the names of the 3 tribes in this verse?
9. The great multitude were clothed with what?
10. What was their chant?
11. What did all the angels do at the throne of God?
12. What were the words of their praise?
13. The elder answers with a question; where did the multitudes come from?
14. Where had they washed their robes?
15. Where do they spend their days and nights?
16. They shall never do what again?
17. What will God do to their eyes?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 8
1. What happened at the beginning of the seventh seal opening?
2. Seven trumpets were given to whom?
3. The angel was given much incense to offeron the golden altar with what else?
4. The smoke of the incense ascended before God with what else?
5. Where did the angel cast fire from the altar?
6. What did the 7 angels have?
7. When the first trumpet sounded what was burnt up?
8. When the second trumpet sounded what was cast into the sea?
9. What part of the sea life and ships were destroyed at the second trumpet?
10. Upon what did the burning star fall at the third trumpet?
11. What was the name of that star?
12. What two ways could third part of sun, moon & stars be described?
13. What did the angel say three times?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 9
1. The star from heaven received the key to what?
2. What darkened the sun and air from the bottomless pit?
3. What was given to the locusts that came from the bottomless pit?
4. The locusts were to hurt only what?
5. The locusts were not able to kill anyone but to hurt them for how long?
6. What would men seek in those days?
7. The shape of the locusts were like horses prepared for what?
8. The locusts had long hair and teeth like what?
9. What was the sound of their wings like?
10. Where was the locusts' stings?
11. Who is Abaddon and Apollyon?
12. One woe is past how many are left?
13. At the sixth trumpet where did the voice come from?
14. Where were the four angels bound?
15. What was the time that the angels of the Euphrates prepared for?
16. How many are two hundred thousand thousand?
17. What came out of the mouths of the horses?
18. How did the horses hurt a third part of the men?
19. What did the horses' tails look like?
20. The rest of the men did not repent of what works of their hands?
21. They also didn't repent of murder, sorcery, fornication and what?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 10
1. What did the feet of the angel from heaven look like?
2. He had his right foot upon the sea and his left foot on what?
3. When the angel cried with a loud voice what else spoke?
4. John was ordered not to record what?
5. What did the angel lift up to heaven?
6. What did he swear?
7. What would be finished when the seventh trumpet sounds?
8. What was John to take from the angel on the earth and sea?
9. How was the little book to affect John's mouth?
10. How was the little book to affect John's belly?
11. What was John going to get to do again?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 11
1. What structure was John to measure?
2. The Gentiles would trod the holy city under foot how long in years?
3. How long in years were the two witnesses to prophesy?
4. The two witnesses were otherwise known as what?
5. What was their defensive weapon?
6. The witnesses had power to smite the earth with what?
7. Where does the beast that kills the witnesses come from?
8. What is Jerusalem spiritually called?
9. How long would the witnesses' bodies lie in the street?
10. What holiday is brought to mind around the death of the witnesses?
11. Where does the Spirit of life come from?
12. What did the voice from heaven say to the witnesses?
13. A tenth part of what city fell in the earthquake?
14. How does the third woe come?
15. When the seventh trumpet sounds the kingdoms of this world become what?
16. What do the elders do when they hear the voices in heaven?
17. What praises did they give to God?
18. The wrath of God comes because the nations were what?
19. What was seen in the temple of God?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 12
1. What was upon the head of the woman?
2. What was causing her pain?
3. What appeared having seven heads, ten horns and seven crowns?
4. What did the dragon desire to devour?
5. The man child was to rule all nations with what?
6. How much time in years was the woman to be fed in the wilderness?
7. Who fought against the dragon and his angels?
8. What did satan have to leave?
9. Where does satan and his angels wind up in this verse?
10. How often did satan accuse the brethren?
11. How did the brethren overcome their accuser?
12. Why does the devil have great wrath at this time?
13. After he is cast to the earth, who does he persecute?
14. How long in years is she nourished from the face of the serpent?
15. What does the serpent cast out of his mouth?
16. What does the earth do with the flood?
17. What does the dragon do with the remnant of the seed of the woman?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 13
1. What rises out of the sea with seven heads, ten horns and ten crowns?
2. Who gives the beast his power, seat and authority?
3. What happened to one of the heads of the beast?
4. Who did they worship?
5. He was given power to continue for how long in years?
6. What does he do with his mouth?
7. What did he make with the existing saints?
8. Those who worship him are not recorded where?
9. What does a man need to hear?
10. What is the patience and faith of the saints?
11. The second beast out of the earth had how many horns?
12. Who does the second beast draw attention to?
13. What does the second beast cause to come down from heaven?
14. The first beast becomes the anti-christ because he mimics Jesus how?
15. What is to happen to anyone who does not worship the image of the first beast?
16. Everyone has to receive a mark either of which two places?
17. No man can buy or sell without one of what three things?
18. 666 is the number of what?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 14
1. What did the 144,000 have in their foreheads?
2. What two voices did John hear in this verse?
3. What was unique about the song that the 144,000 sing?
4. Where will you always find the 144,000?
5. What do they not have before the throne of God?
6. What does the flying angel have to preach to them that dwell on earth?
7. Who does tell us to worship?
8. Why is Babylon fallen, is fallen?
9. The third angel warns any man who does what?
10. The wrath of God will torment with fire and brimstone in whose presence?
11. How long will the smoke of their torment ascend?
12. Whose faith are we to keep?
13. Blessed are the dead which do what?
14. What did the one that sat like unto the Son of man have on his head?
15. The harvest of the earth was what?
16. Where did he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle?
17. What was the second individual who had a sharp sickle?
18. What was the one who had the sharp sickle to reap?
19. Where did the angle cast his gatherings?
20. What came out of the winepress to the horse bridles?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 15
1. What were the seven last plagues filled with?
2. What was the sea of glass mingled with?
3. Both Moses song and the song of the Lamb called God King of what?
4. In that day who shall not fear the Lord?
5. What temple was in heaven?
6. What color was the garments of the 7 last angels?
7. Who gave the vials, full of the wrath of God, unto the 7 angels?
8. Where did the smoke in the temple come from?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 16
1. What voice told the angels to pour out their vials?
2. The first vial caused a grievious sore upon whom?
3. What kind of blood did the second vial cause?
4. The third vial caused what to become blood?
5. Who called God righteous for turning the waters into blood?
6. What had they done that caused them to drink blood?
7. God's judgements are true and what?
8. The fourth vial caused the sun to do what to men?
9. The men blasphemed God but would not do what?
10. The fifth angel poured his vial upon what?
11. They also blasphemed God but would not what?
12. Which river did the sixth angel pour his vial onto?
13. What came out of the mouths of the dragon, the beast and false prophet?
14. The frog spirits went forth to gather men together for what?
15. A person will be blessed if he watches and keeps what?
16. What is the Hebrew term for where they will be gathered?
17. Quote the voice from the temple?
18. What was unusual about the earthquake?
19. What great city was divided into three parts?
20. What happened to the islands and mountains?
21. What weighed about 130 pounds?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 17
1. What was the angel going to show John?
2. The inhabitants of the earth had been made drunk with what?
3. What color was the beast that the harlot rode upon?
4. What was the cup in her hand full of?
5. She was the mother of what?
6. She was drunk with what?
7. What did John do when he saw the harlot?
8. Who else will wonder when they see the beast that was not, and is not, yet is?
9. The seven heads are seven what?
10. Which king will continue a short space?
11. Where will the eighth king come from?
12. Ten kings will reign one hour under whom?
13. They will give their power and strength to whom?
14. Whe will they make war with?
15. Peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues are represented by what?
16. What will the kings do to the whore?
17. Why will the kings will give their kingdom unto the beast?
18. What does the woman represent?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 18
1. The earth will be lightened by what?
2. Babylon will become the habitation of what?
3. Where does the merchants of the earth wax rich?
4. What were God's people in Babylon to do?
5. How far had Babylon's sins reached?
6. How many times was her cup to be filled?
7. She had said in her heart that she would see no what?
8. What kind of destruction does this verse promise for the city?
9. The kings of the earth will bewail her when they see what?
10. How quick is her judgement to come?
11. Why will the merchants weep and mourn over her?
12. How many items are listed in this verse?
13. What is the last item listed in this verse?
14. What will depart from them?
15. Who made the merchants rich?
16. The merchants were wailing for a great what?
17. Also wailing were those who traded by the what?
18. When they saw the smoke of her burning they said what?
19. What did the sailors cast on their heads?
20. Who will God be avenging on her?
21. What will the end of Babylon be like?
22. What kind of sounds would be heard in her?
23. Who will be deceived by her sorceries?
24. Whose blood was found in her?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 19
1. Whose voice was praising God in this verse?
2. Whose blood did God avenge in this verse?
3. How long will the smoke rise up from the great city?
4. Who worships he that sat on the throne?
5. His servants and who else were to praise our God?
6. What attribute is given to the Lord God in this verse?
7. Who has made herself ready?
8. What is fine, white linen?
9. Blessed are they that are called where?
10. Why was John not to worship this messenger?
11. The one that sat upon the horse was called what?
12. What was his name written in this verse?
13. What was his name called in this verse?
14. What color of garments does his armies wear?
15. What will he rule them with?
16. What was the name written on his vesture and thigh?
17. What were the fowls of the air called unto?
18. What were the fowls promised they would eat?
19. Who were the beast and his armies gathered against?
20. Who was cast alive into the lake of fire?
21. What happened to the remnant of the armies?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 20
1. What key did the angel carry?
2. What four terms were used to describe the one bound?
3. Satan could not deceive the nations for how long?
4. Who lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years?
5. What happens to the dead during the millenium (1000 years)?
6. The second death has no power over whom?
7. What happens to satan when the millenium is expired?
8. Where are the nations that satan will deceive?
9. What city will they encompass when the fire comes?
10. Who is still in the lake of fire when satan arrives?
11. What kind of throne did heaven & earth flee from?
12. The dead were judged according to what?
13. Every man was judged according to what?
14. What is the second death?
15. What is the ultimate cause for someone to be sent to fire?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 21
1. What happened to the first heaven and earth?
2. New Jerusalem was prepared as a what?
3. Where is the tabernacle of God in this verse?
4. What has passed away?
5. What is he to make new?
6. What will the Lord give them who are athirst?
7. What will he that overcomes inherit?
8. Which class of this verse includes you?
9. Which angel showed John the bride, the Lamb's wife?
10. Where will the new Jerusalem come from?
11. Her light was clear as what?
12. Whose names were written on the gates?
13. How many gates on each side?
14. Whose names were in the 12 foundations?
15. What was used to measure the city?
16. The width, breadth and height of the city was how many furlongs?
17. How high was the wall of the city?
18. Pure gold is like what?
19. The foundations of the city were garnished with what?
20. How many kinds of precious stones were found in the foundations?
21. What were the gates of the city made of?
22. What was not in the city according to this verse?
23. What did the city have no need of?
24. Who will walk in this city?
25. At what hours will the gates of the city be shut?
26. What will be brought into the city?
27. What will determine who will enter into this city?
Questions from Revelation Chapter 22
1. Where does the river of life come from?
2. What were the leaves of the tree of life for?
3. According to this verse, what was the worst curse?
4. Whose face can be seen in the city?
5. What is the source of light in the city?
6. The Lord God of whom sent his angel to John?
7. Who is blessed according to this verse?
8. What did John do to the one who told him these things?
9. Why did he tell John not to worship him?
10. Why was John not to seal the prophesy of this book?
11. What does this verse imply?
12. Jesus will bring to every man according to what?
13. According to this verse, who is Alpha & Omega?
14. They have a right to enter the city, eat of the tree who have done what?
15. Who is referred to in this verse?
16. Jesus says he is both the root and the offspring of whom?
17. What is the overriding message of this verse?
18. What happens to anyone who adds to this book?
19. What happens to anyone who takes away words of this book?
20. How will Jesus come?
21. What do we need more than anything else?

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