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 After several years of moving this book from shelf to shelf in my mind. I was encouraged by a publisher friend to put it down into a bound form.

  I am convinced that God gave his laws to mankind for reasons that lie beyond our feeble explanations. It is interesting that theologians either want to dispensate the Ten Commandments, or render them as a practical joke upon men who are unable to keep them or spiritualize them. Jesus said if we love Him we would keep His commandments.

  There is no doubt that we cannot keep the law and that because we cannot, we are hopelessly lost. We need a Saviour and Jesus Christ is the only Saviour. We who receive Christ are given a nature to be all that Christ wants us to be. Naturally we are drawn to what he said about the great commandments. We really need to determine what part the Commandments play in our new life in Christ.

  The published price is $7.95. If you will send $8, I will mail the book to you.

As of 2009 I have published a small booklet entitled "Honest Confession is Good For The Soul." The subject centers on the confession of Jesus Christ. The word confession as found in the Bible, speaks more of our confessing God and Jesus publically than the confession of sin. If you will send $4.00, I will mail the booklet.

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