There is Nothing New Under the Sun

May 7, 2001
Today, I dutifully attended a MOBBF meeting. I have always been loyal to my commitments and to my heritage. I have been troubled for some time about the obvious divisions within the ranks of my fellows in the ministry. In my place of leadership of the MOBBF camps at Sagmount, I have maintained the necessary connections to the fellowship and have been present at most of the meetings. Our fellowship allows for any of its preachers the freedom to determine which local meetings he will or will not attend out of scheduling conflicts or personal reasons. In some cases I would skip a meeting if I did not particulary care for the program announced. I know that each Church is free to present and carry out the program according to its own wish and I would not have it any other way..... we are a fellowship of independent fundamental Baptist preachers. I also know that there is a diversity of personalities and there is a diversity of agendas at these meetings.... that is acceptable to me. I could bear with music that I did not care for. I even put up with other formats that did not include old fashioned preaching. I was leery of the seminars where I was being instructed on how to be a better husband, father or even pastor.... especially when other men were the speakers who did not qualify for the position they were put in to help me become better.
  More recently I have been offended when our fellowship meetings were turned into BBC propaganda programs since I am no longer a supporter of BBC or any Bible College. But I bore that and kept coming..... always arguing with myself that our doctrines were the same.
 Today I sat while a MOBBF pastor preached from a NIV Bible with complete freeness. Then the rest of the program was turned over to a video by the minister of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. I sat still as the video began, but wondered why we would give fellowship time to a nondenominational clergy.
 As the speaker began to speak to a "praise gathering" on the video, he took the text of Luke where Jesus cleaned the temple of the money changers etc. He started down a trail of comparing the temple with the church, but I was relieved when he clarified that the Temple was not a picture of the Church.
But, then he made the statement that the Church was born in the upper room at Pentecost. Wrong!
I might have continued to sit and see what the host pastor thought was so good about the video.
  I was shocked to hear too large a number of "amens" on the birth of the Church in a fundamental MOBBF meeting. This is error and I am saddened that the younger preachers of our fellowship do not have the sensitivity or conviction to stand against blatent doctrinal error. So I left and I vow never to get caught in that trap again.
  I have felt for some time like the man without a country. I thank God for a Church who hired me as a fundamental Baptist pastor. I thank God for his blessings on my ministry. And I am especially thankful for fellow pastors who are also taking the necessary stand. True, most of us are part of a passing generation, but surprisingly, there are quite a few young whipper snappers who read the old black book the same way and are also standing up and walking out of the "progressive " movement.
 Movements have come and gone through the ages, but history books reveal that there is a movement that rises above the din and disdain of the world. Sometimes it seems to disappear in the overwhelming popularities, sometimes the modernists stamp it into the dust of ridicule. Sometimes it seems that the whole world tries to shake off its influence. Somehow, inevitably, it rises up again to reach another generation that hungers for stable truth and proves to be a solid foundation for those who are looking for the real Christ from a real Bible.
Those of you who eagerly follow the current trends and workable schemes, look around at the youthful faces that accompany you on your quest. Don't you miss the faces of wisdom and experience? Do not forget that Solomon wrote by inspiration, "there is nothing new under the sun."


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