On Being Held Over A Barrel

  It is very frustrating for a Texan, to hear these stories about rising gasoline prices and to see the proof on the dial of the pump.
 All the news media has picked up and is disemminating information about the shortages of oil and energy. They keep trying to make us feel guilty for using so much of the stuff, and that we ought to buy smaller cars and we ought to commute and we ought to walk more.... well maybe we should walk more... but all this is on the propaganda that our sources of energy are running out. The Sheiks of the middle east are driving around in gas guzzlers and flying private jets that use expensive fuel. They meet regularly to determine how much and when they will sell to us. We are like urchins on the street waiting for crumbs from their table. If my short memory is correct, I remember when American oil companies discovered oil in those barren deserts, taught the nomads to settle in one place long enough to dig a hole in the ground and erect a rig to pump oil. We did it almost as a favor.
  Meanwhile, here in free America, weird people started forming organizations that basically worshipped the earth itself. In their quest to protect their mother, they fought the oil companies and raised money to legislate the closure of oil rigs here in the USA.
  Then nuclear power plants started to appear as the alternative. The weirdos didn't know the difference between nuclear fusion and fission, got up another army and closed the power plants. Chernoble became their rally cry. The public went along with the weirdos and backed their  religion.  Today, 2001, there is enough oil in Texas to supply the whole world, but we can't get it because the enviruinmentallists have messed up our world.  I guess I ought to make a correction before I get creamed.  I will add Alaska to the above source of oil. I think there is still plenty left in Pennsylvania also.
  America!!!! You had better wake up to what is going on. We have oil, but are having to beg for oil from the sheiks.  We have technology that has invented and discovered the majority of electronic marvels yet most electronic marvels are being manufactured elsewhere for us to buy.
And we think the hole in the Ozone is going to do us in!


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