Prophecy or Faith

  The Bible is the best known source of future events. It has a track record of  being 100% accurate with not one missed prediction. Every thing it said would come to pass has came to pass. Not one error. We as believers try to use that as a tool to convince a lost world that God is still on the throne and that he has definite plans for our future, both immediate and extended.  It frustrates us for the lost to not be able to see these things more clearly because to us they are so evident. Some times we wish we could find a prophecy in the Bible that would promise a definite major occurrence on a definite calendar date.  That way we could show an unbelieving world that God is real, the Bible is true, and Jesus is Lord of Lords. Instead, we are limited to digging up ancient artifacts etc., and showing how the Bible told about them before the archaeologists dug them up. The lost world stiffles a yawn.
  What we have forgotten my friend, is that God told us that the only thing that would work with the lost is preaching the Word of God and depending upon the Holy Spirit to use that Word as a sharp two edged sword to carve FAITH into the mind and heart of the hearer.
  More important than fulfilled prophecies being recorded in the Bible are the verses that describe the nature of the lost one to the point that the lost one is amazed that God knows all about him and his sin. God then lets the sinner know of his wonderful love.
  The empty soul seeks for satisfaction and fulfillment.  Jesus Christ is the only answer to those needs. Faith is the way. Whether there be prophecies, they shall fail.


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