Amateur Magicians

  Most magicians have become showmen and have used lighting, exotic animals and scantily clad heifers  to appeal to their  crowds.  I just heard of a magician who had tried to get rid of his wife by "accidentally" sawing her in half. He said the trick didn't work right. The authorities were right when they charged him with murder.
  Magicians are refining their arts to make use of the video camera and time lapse photography.  They can make giant airplanes disappear. They can transport themselves to Hawaii and back while the audience remains in Philadelphia. They can appear to cheat death by performing death defying feats.
  Nothing the entertaining magicians can do matches another breed of magician.  This breed seem to be able to do their magic in the capitol city of their state or the nations capitol in Washington D.C. They do however travel around certain designated areas of their state promoting their show and trying to get an audience. It is amazing how they can appear at a gathering for a brief moment, only to disappear and suddenly appear at another gathering.  They know how to pick out vulnerable people in a crowd and get oohs! and aahs! when they kiss a baby.  They have a marvelous ability to stand before a crowd of people who are diametrically opposed on some issue, make a speech that leaves each side of the issue feeling that the magician is on their side. It is uncanny!   This magician is able to make one feel that he is your best friend, when he is trying to get your support, but when he gets back to his office he can make decisions that give you the feeling of being betrayed.   Normally he performs a major trick that boggles the mind.  He can take a factory here in small town America  and make it disappear overnight. Then that same factory can reappear in China. I have seen this trick personally, and I can't believe my eyes.   I suppose the most astounding trick that this fellow can perform is with money.  When he travels from city to city, he tells the audience that he is going to reduce their taxes and stop the government from spending so much.
He goes back to the capitol....... (where he does his best magic!) and every now and then appears on the TV to remind us how he is going to reduce our taxes. His smile makes one think of his honesty and how he will not forget his promises......


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