The Eternal Book

  Almost anywhere on this planet, you can go into a bookstore or possibly a merchandise store and pick up an amazing book.  It is called the Bible. The unique thing about this book is its solitary claim of supernatural inspiration.  Yes, there are two or three other books with the same claim, but fail miserably in light of inspection. The Bible is the only one that is scientifically, historically and geographically correct, viable and feasible.

  Sadly there is an overriding problem for this book. Even though it is inspired by a Holy God, it was penned by 40 men over a period of 1600 years and the originals have been lost to history. Human authors have tried to duplicate this book, supplant this book or to plagerize this book. For centuries faithful men sought to copy and to translate this book to further its outreach and to protect its integrity.  Almost from its origins, some men have rejected the true author and have tried to manupulate its contents to make it say things that God did not intend for it to say. Doctrinal aberration, erroneous philosophy, and hidden agendas have been injected into its pages under the guise of making it "easier understood."

  Obviously, this book from God was meant to be published in all languages for all people so that all people could know God's will.  Equally obvious is that Word must be faithfully copied or translated accurately so that all people would know God's will.

  Our confusion today is based on two points.  Whether or not God has kept his promise to preserve his Word and whether or not there is a test to determine what is and what is not God's Word.  Fear not God does not break promises, not one. God has not preserved different versions of his Word. The Word that God has preserved still works.
  God still blesses His Word.  His Word still converts the soul of sinners.  His Word is still a sharp two-edged sword. His Word is the same whether penned on paper, paprus,animal skin, or stone. His Word is the same as that which has survived the fire, the flood and the counterfeitor. The imposter is exposed when it denies the blood or the deity of Jesus Christ. Forgers have tried to quench the fiery flames of hell. The false words have attempted to give men the credit for their redemption.

  The Word of God has been preserved in the King James Version, for English speaking people.  As Latin, as Greek became universal languages so has English in the last 400 years.  English versions that do not agree with the KJV are corrupted as are other language versions that have not come through the pure Word of God.


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