Dear Editor,
  I resent your recent article about people who watch too much tv. You have gone to the outer limits now. You need to get smart and come out of veronica's closet before you get into jeopardy! I guess the price is right for you to tell the truth as you see it. Let me tell you about the days of our lives because you seem to be clueless about these unsolved mysteries. All my children have one life to live as they seek guiding light or to be touched by an angel. Our little house on the prairie never has a family feud and we don't have to call the cops or go to the peoples' court to appear before Judge Judy. My wife cooks better than Graham Kerr and we seldom go to Bonanza except in emergency.
  So, back to the future.  You should never again take such a quantum leap as the world turns. A good coach like Mr. Rogers and a little northern exposure would help you see the street signs and you would be saved by the bell and may even strike it rich.  After all, who wants to be a millionaire out of mamma's family?
  What's my secret? If you want to have happy days today  you just have to hear the sound of music while listening to the oldies.
  So I would like to assure you that TV has not affected me in the least.
Signing Off,


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