My Country tis of Thee...

  Teachers are not encouraged to teach facts of our history today, consequently each generation of students become less and less aware of our nation's heritage of faith. There may have never been a movement of people coming to America, had it not been for the Pilgrims searching for a land where they could worship God freely. Each and every document that was drawn up in the founding of this land was exuding with a fervent faith in an Almighty God.   That freedom of religion, (not from religion.) was the overriding factor that made up many of our basic laws. Our laws themselves had their source in the Holy Bible or from the tenets of Churches. Sometimes, laws that are ridiculed today were made to protect God's day and the individual who wanted to be faithful to his Church and his faith. Look at the fact that many businesses still struggle with the "Open on Sundays" question. I just heard this week that Moberly, MO Soccer girls are being called to practice at 10am on Sundays; we are in the last vestages of being a Godly nation. Think of how the media and the political world goes into a tizzy when a Pope comes to America. This happens because America has not quite got rid of its awareness of a Holy God. The detractors and the carnal are gaining power, and it will not be long before the younger generations hear nothing of God. What are your chances of carrying a Bible into a public school without being halted, questioned and perhaps even arrested?
  What is wrong with America? What could be done to bring back an abiding faith in God? I truly believe that if the Lord tarries and if true believers would begin living and preaching the Christian gospel, young people would respond to the message as young people have in the past. Nobody has a bright vision of the future like young people. They can sense truth if they have a chance to hear it.


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