School Teachers & Methodists

  Have you ever heard the term, "Guilty by Association?" We Americans pride ourselves on our independence and freedoms. We have the attitude that whatever we are or whatever we do is due to our solid core beliefs. We will not take the blame for what someone else does, because we are responsible for only ourselves. I asked a Methodist recently, what his Church was doing about the homosexual pressures upon his denomination. His answer was that, "they were debating the issues." He assured me that his church was not affected, but that the denomination was in debate as to whether homosexual members could become clergy. He seemed to have no idea what the Bible says about homosexuals being an abomination and reprobate from the truth. His denomination has been brainwashed with the lie that homosexuals are normal human beings. Their sexual appetites have been misdirected and are nurtured in a hedonistic society.

  Meanwhile the National Education Association (NEA) has just passed multiple resolutions that demand that its teachers be more tolerant of and press forward for the inclusion of homosexuality into school curriculum from birth to the eigth grade. They believe that in order to bring about total acceptance of the aberrant lifestyles, they must totally immerse the next generation in sexual awareness of all kinds. Much of it will be deliberatly kept from the parents knowledge. Ask your children regularly if they are being sworn to keep things from their parents at school... if they fill out questionairs about their home life? You may be shocked to find out what your innocent children have been coerced to reveal to school records. You argue that your local school or your neighbor teacher would never think of doing such! Don't forget! That teacher belongs to the NEA and the NEA has all power over all schools.
  Many denominations, associations, businesses and even the military are giving sensitivity training to encourage the acceptance of homosexuals as part of our everyday lives. The homosexuals are invading every public outlet and demanding that society give them what they want. No, there is no way that this can be stopped. It is going to get worse. The next group waiting in the wings are the pedophiles. Don't even think that they dont have a chance, because they are already building their base.

Jesus is Coming and He will sort it all out.



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