Who opened that Gate?

  Anyone who has spent a minimum time on the farm are acquainted with the gate. It may be a fancy metal one with hinges, or a plank one with bent bolt hinges, or maybe it was just a few strands of barbed wire bound together between two sturdy cedar poles. One end attached to the fence and the other held by a couple of loops of wire on the other end. A robust young lad could squeeze the pole toward the fence and lift the loops off the pole, then drag the strands of barbed wire back opening a crude gate.
  One thing for sure the gate was usually used to keep farm animals within certain boundries. I must have heard the statement, "Be sure and shut the gate!" a million times in my youth. One of the hardest places to work a gate was in the barn yard where cows, calves, horses, or pigs were kept. They knew what that gate was and they kept their eyes on the operator of that gate. If the operator was not careful, he would have a rush on the gate as he opened it.
  Someone in the fundamental Baptist ranks has opened a gate. They didn't believe it was a doctrinal gate, so it was not an important gate to them. It was the standards gate. They thought if they opened it just a crack, that it would do no damage.... They were wrong. That gate has been pushed open so wide that now the connecting fences are about to give. They who are justifying the open gate are crying, "Christian Liberty!" The Apostle Paul dealt with the same problems in the Galatian Church by warning about the limitations of Christian Liberty. There are limitations.
  One of the big problems with the rushing herd is that there are some goats mixed in with the sheep, and some sheep will follow anybody. There is no one respected or respectful enough to turn the herd or to reassemble a coherent Christian corral. The prevailing hymn today must be, "Don't fence me in!"
  Much of the Christian world has bought into Hollywoods fashions and mores. Churches are resorting to Hollywood hype for growth. The morals of Hollywood are creeping into Churches. Hollywood's music has been given lyrics that promote another Jesus, and Churches are vainly repeating them. Sunday School lessons are being published about Hollywood's Andy Griffith and Barney.
  As to who opened the gate. I had a friend farmer once who had a mule that could open gates. Didn't have brains for much else, but he could open gates!


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