A Preacher's Job

  Occasionally a preacher will be asked to lend a hand in an endeavor, because he is free to help; after all "he only has to work a couple of times a week!" Of course this is tongue in cheek most of the time.
  A preacher's job is a unique one. He is commissioned by the Lord, yet hired by a congregation of people. Both are expecting him to literally commit his life to the job, both are expecting him to live up to their expectations. This works very well when both employers are on the same track and have the same goals. The most important aspect of the job is that the preacher also have the same self expectations and goals. He must have total submission to his calling and be ready to sacrifice his life to that end. God's will and Word must be the final authority over his life.

  That being said, the preacher, led by the Spirit of God through the Word of God, is called upon to first be a Watchman, always prepared to warn those in his charge of probable or possible threats.

  Secondly, he is to be a proclaimer of the Word of God, with the ability to apply the Word to current events, not current events to the Word. He must preach the Word to ears who hear and understand and to ears who will not hear. He is not called to tickle ears nor to tiptoe through the tithers. He must preach the Word for fire to fall or when the fires of Hell scorch his breath. He must preach the Word when deacons smile and he must preach the Word when deacons frown. He must preach the Word to a chorus of "Amens" or "Oh me's!". He must preach the Word even if it seems no one else is preaching the Word.

  As the apostles told the Church at Jerusalem in the sixth chapter of Acts, a preacher must give himself over to the study of the Word in order to faithfully and accurately preach the Word to a world that has precious little time and so much else to blind or destroy the Word of God.


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