That is NOT my God!

  The media hype and a lot of general opinion have raised an interesting subject. Who is God? Recently a band of men ate certain foods, prayed certain prayers and made arrangements to meet their god They boarded at least 4 commercial airliners that contained innocent men, women and children. About 5 of these men on each of those planes did horrible things to stewardesses and pilots and took control of the aircraft. Deliberately they flew those planes to destruction. Taking innocent lives on the planes and in buildings and on the ground.

 The last words of those men were prayers that their god would grant them a wonderful eternity. They were religious men.

 The question raised since and the enormous portent of defining their god is bantied about in the press and from talking heads on the TV.

 We as a society are doing our best to distance the Moslems who inhabit 3/4 of our world from the nineteen "fundamentallists" as well as their pastor, "Ossamma Been Hiding" (thanks Tim!) We are hearing that the god of the Moslems is the same god of the Jews and the same god of the Christians. Abraham is supposed to be our collectively common father.

 This cannot be so. Jesus Christ came to this earth over 2000 years ago. He has been rejected and despised by the Jews from the hour of his virgin birth. Mohammed, author of the Koran, said that Jesus might be considered a prophet, but that he himself was the true prophet of Allah. Mohammed had no regards for Jerusalem and chose Mecca as the Holy City of his religion. His book advocates everything that the 19 men did and promised them a better eternity. Of course they had to really believe the Koran. That is why they are called fundamentallists!"

The Christian knows that the TRUE God gave all the details about his Wonderful name in the Old Testament and has given the NAME Jesus unto which every knee shall bow.


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