Reaching Out.

  For the last several decades certain organizations, some of them international, have been dedicated to reaching out into outer space and trying to make contact with any aliens out there..... No I'm not referring to Star Trek! I am talking about scientific educated people who were being funded by our own government. They had even purchased huge valleys and built antennas larger than sports stadiums.  Some of the exploring space craft that will never return to earth were attached with messages to anyone or anything that might catch the craft. They used any number of languages, from a Houston drawl to stick figures in order to communicate.
  Well, according to Tech TV, an up to the minute TV program on technical science, that has all changed.  It seems that the scientific world has begun to believe what Hollywood has been touting about alien creatures. They have begun to believe that aliens, if they are out there might be interested in us as part of their food chain. So they are encouraging organizations to shut down the radio broadcasts to outer space and to stop shining lazer flashlights toward the stars.  We maybe shouldn't let anybody or any thing know we are here.  Shhhhhh!
  May I remind us that there is a being out there who about 6 thousand years ago made the whole universe in a weeks time. He fashioned our two ancestors out of clay and a spare part. He has left us a book of instructions and a lot of real promises about our future.
  He came once and dwelt among us for about 33 years, but we killed him, or at least we thought we killed him. Now some of us expect him to be coming back. When He does return, he will settle a lot of things. The ones who have truly accepted him will be rewarded with life.... those who reject will wind up in a lake of fire.  If this sounds far fetched to you, perhaps you ought to seriously read the Bible.


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