Standing on The Prerequisites

We have such unlimited access to the word of God today, that there is no area of the scriptures that remain secluded from studious eyes.
 There are still areas in the old testament where prophets spoke things directly concerning the person or persons to whom he spoke. We can only take those words & phrases in our own context. Lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries have exposed the root meanings of verbs & nouns.  We are able to touch a key on our computer and see every mention of the word promise (53) in the Bible. God does promise many things in the Bible and sermons have eloquently described them for us. It does seem to me though that we know more about the promises than we know about the prerequisites. Many people who call themselves Christians and plan to go to heaven, know nothing about the prerequisite of the new birth.  Many talk about the treasures of heaven, but they know nothing of the laying up in store. The greater percentage of the Bible promises are preceeded by things to do or decisions to make. At least there are instructions as to when, where and how to receive the promise.
Christians who live careless, carnal lives are not going to inherit some of the promises. Christians who will not allow God to be God will not receive many of the promises of God. The Sunday morning christian will not receive as many promises as the Christian who is faithful to Church each time the doors open. Long life is a promise to a faithful Christian who sets aside the Lord's day for the Lord instead of the boat, the pond or the racetrack. The TBN TV church does not qualify as a legitimate church. Most TV churches are entertainment centers and turn people away from the truth.  They are not winning souls and establishing new testament Churches. Instead they build their own little empire. They hold on to promises, but ignore the prerequisites.
Repentence is a little known or understood prerequisite of salvation and the forgiveness of God. God does not forget sin over time, nor is it lost to him by an abundance of good efforts to hide sin.
  By the way the word prerequisite is only found in large dictionaries!


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