While we were yet sinners....

  There is a never ending debate as to what people should do to please God. There are many who believe that it is beyond our capability to please him, and that it is only His mercy and His grace that need to be considered. There are many who spend their spiritual moments trying to please God with internal or external motivations. The scripture says in Hebrews that the only way to please Him is through faith.
 We must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

  Now the big question is whether or not we should carry a desire to please Him after we have exercised saving Faith. There are some who insist that it does not matter about pleasing God, that we owe Him nothing because nothing we have is of value to God.
We just bask in His wonderful gifts and promises and enjoy this wonderful world. The Law of God has been destroyed. He does not pay any attention as to how we live. We shouldn't be encumbered with rules, standards or legal jargon. "We are not under the law but under grace! " Don't fence me in theology.

  Where in the Bible does it say that the world is no longer under the Law of God.
Where does it say that God no longer will judge those who break the Law of God.
Is James a new testament book or what, when he says if you break one commandment, you are guilty of all?

  The world must be shown that the Law of God is still in place and God has not changed His mind about those who stand guilty of that Law. Hell is still the ultimate judgement for anyone who dies under the Law of God or outside of it.
  The world must be shown and told that Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Law of God which simply means to satisfy the Law for all that will believe on His name. The Law of God is still the schoolmaster with which men are to be brought to their shortcomings before a Holy God. The Cross is to be brought before men who repent of their sin and seek forgiveness for their sin.

  Back to pleasing God. The Galatian 5 fruit of the Spirit provides the means by which we do and can please God.  1 Thessalonians 4 describes the actions that pleases Him.  Almost one half of Paul's Epistles enjoins believers to come out of carnal paths and allow the Spirit of God to use believers as lights in a darkened world. The fellowship of light becomes the beacon to which lost men, women and children are brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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