The Learning and Leaning of some Preachers

  One thing that a reader ought to know is that you have to read the whole thing before you come to a conclusion.
Bible college can be a wonderful place. A place to be taught deeper and more advanced information than can be taught in an average Church. It is also a place to be exposed to other people from other environments or persuasions, both as professors and fellow students. It has a percentage of professors who are known and renowned as innovative instructors. They are exciting because they break the mold, they escape the rut of conventional methods of belief and ministry, they point out and reveal the restrictions of Church traditions. One of their favorite passages is where Jesus condems traditions of religion.

The Progressive Mindset

  Their first revelation is that the Bible is a compilation of books and verses that have been blurred by time and that scholars have taken a varied path to discover its actual roots. Many of the scholars admit that one cannot actually determine what the originals said, so we are left to fend for ourselves as to how to teach and what to teach what we believe to be from God.
  Their second revelaton is that we must win the lost at any cost. We must become anything to all men in order to get them into the sound of our voice. The staid methods of yesterday must be exchanged by innovative, current, and cutting edge ideas. We are admonished to be careful with doctrinal positions, which number between 5 and 20.. the number being subject to our personal belief and who our mentor is. But many of the practices of isolation, personal intrusions, and confrontational methods must be replaced with open door, come as you are, be comfortable atmospheres. The PR world is awash with ideas as to how to attract a crowd and to motivate them to become an energised body. The influence of the crowd will eventually bring visitors into the circle of promise and small group leadership will insure their personal committment and involvement.
  Their third revelation is that we must learn to coexist with and tolerate others, except those who are intolerant. We cannot tolerate those who are intolerant. If we tolerate the intolerant, then we become intolerant ourselves. We must collectively and with focus exclude intolerance. The intolerant's attitudes will mess up our party. It is unacceptable to have convictions for which there are no authoritative scriptural grounds. Of course you are the one responsible to determine what is authoritative. It is unacceptable to cling to archaic ideas of the past that paralized imagination. We must reach our generation through methods that relate to our generation. Our generation does not tolerate standards and methods of yesterday. We can build excited churches if we excite people to come in and excite them to stay. People have to be excited in order to keep their attention and involvement.
  I have seen the course of progressive movements, I have been mentored by men who fought against progressive movements of the 40's & 50's. I still believe that the progressives will progress into apostasy because
they build their houses on sand.


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