A Fable or a Foible 
  Once upon a time there was a man who was the manufacturer of a life giving serum. He had inherited the business from his father, which had inherited it from his father and so on for generations. He was very proud of his name and his heritage. His name was, I. B. Babtest, and he had come from a long line of Babtests.
  The life giving serum that he distributed was the purest that could be found, for the recipe had been handed down for generations and it was the same as it was at the beginning of his ancestor's discovery. There had been an early attempt to duplicate it by someone named Katolink, but had contained impure ingredients. The Katolinks were a very powerful concern so had great influence in distributing their product. There were several branches of that family that had split off to manufacture their own. They had prided themselves that they had refined their products by removing 80 impurities, but still most of them could not match the Babtest serum.
  I.B. was very proud of his son, Metoo Babtest. From his birth, Metoo had been nurtured by I. B. with the hope that one day Metoo would inherit the business. However, as Metoo began to grow and become educated in a society dominated by Katolink serumology and also began to learn marketing techniques from the world, he began to formulate ideas that he felt would bring the world to his doors, seeking his serum.
  There were some problems that he could see. First the serum that his family had always manufactured, was not very tasty. It was not appealing because of apparent side effects. One of the main hindrances was the name, "Babtest" Many who did not like the side effects and were accustomed to the Katolink flavors, were offended by that name. So Metoo began early to plan to do something about de-emphasizing the name. He knew that his father would be hurt if he told him of his plans, but he knew that one day his father would be off the scene, so privately he made his plans.
  After years, his father began to turn the business over to his son. The father continued to tell everyone he could about the serum, and was proud to hear his son talk about the family and how he was going to carry on the great tradition, but with a few changes to meet his generation. I. B. remembered how he had made his father fearful when he had started promoting the serum on the radio. I. B. was certain that his son would probably make similar changes, and he was also certain that his son would promote the serum with the time tested and true regimen and prescription that was necessary for the serum to have its lasting and permanent effect.
  The day finally came for Metoo to take over. He celebrated the day by erecting a brand new sign above the factory. His sign read, "Community Serum". and in small letters beneath, he had written "Just like the old fashioned Babtest Serum." He had placed loud speakers on the outside of the building that blared out music that sounded like what he had heard when he had gone to Africa to research some strange serum concoctions. He liked those drums.
  Metoo had also saw some of the TV programs that were sponsored by the Katolinks or their derivitives. He liked parts of those productions and felt it would not harm his product to put it in similar packages; after all he was still trying to distribute the family serum to more of the population. 
He had discovered that there were many things that he could do "better" than his father had done.
  His own little son, Nomore, was watching excitedly!


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