God is not the Author of Confusion

  I was told this week that some of the ways Christians behave is confusing. We live in a real world. We cannot close our eyes or ears to much of what the world presents. Everywhere we look we see examples of the fashions of the world as people take more and more off. We hear words being used that God calls abomination. We find the subject of the world's conversations to be vulgar if not downright filthy. We were told by the Lord to live in the world but not of the world. So we should be careful to not partake in the world's amusements that would cloud our testimony or tempt us to lower our personal standards for Christ. Do not compromise!

  Secondly, and relatedly. As the world gets more and more ungodly, those who profess Christ are found seeking refuge in the fellowship of anyone else who names the name of Christ. Points that used to divide are being set aside to keep unity and avoid confrontations. In some cases this is admirable and acceptable... in some cases not .... thus confusion. We must always look at the outcome of our paths... Biblical examples.... and we should look at the effect our behaviour has upon the lost who are personally watching us.

  Then we should take in consideration the young ones with whom we have influence.

  What ever compromises we make against truth will be multiplied at least twice by the next generation.

  Look at previous generations. True stories of past Christians have been passed down through History. Some of those stories relate why people died for Christ.
  Some of the things that they died for have been long forgotten by our generation of Christians, and some modern day Christians would say that they were fools for dying for such menial reasons.

  I believe that we should live for future things.


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