The Battle between Good and Evil

  When Adam and Eve were warned not to eat of a certain tree in the Garden of Eden, the warning included a clear result if they disobeyed. The tree was named the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. According to the account, the moment they ate of the fruit their awareness changed.They became aware of their own nakedness and they became afraid to face God. From that moment until now, mankind has the ever present choice to make in virtually every step of life. The ultimate choice of good or evil. For a long time and in many cultures this choice is depicted by two little entities. One on each shoulder of an individual in the throes of decision. One of the entities, pictured as a little demon is trying to persuade the individual to make an evil choice and the other entity, pictured as a little angel, is trying to persuade for good. The Bible records that God has pronounced that there are none good. Romans 3:10-12.

  There are only two forces that can bring goodness into the natural course of mankind. External restrictions or internal compunctions. Environment or up bringing do not determine whether or not a child will grow up good or evil. Evil rears its ugly head in Ivy League institutions as well as the slums.

  God has ordained through eternal laws that evil must be restrained, prohibited and punished. We have societies that fight those laws. Societies that will make evil good and good evil. Isa 5:20. So we must fall back to God for the ultimate judgement. External restrictions will always be adjusted to match the culture that has power and sometimes external restrictions can be manipulated to punish the good. Religion itself can be come an external restrictive power.

  Goodness comes from God. He is the only one source of goodness. He must restore that good nature back into each individual who recognize their need of God's goodness. God has chosen to do this through the eternal life of Jesus Christ!

  Evil and Jesus cannot co-exist in the soul..


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