Almost Like Being There

  I have often described events in the life of Paul, the Apostle in my sermons. His life was one of my favorite courses in Bible College. A careful search of the book of Acts and all of His epistles reveals intimate details of his character, his motivations and his personal traits. It would be a wonderful experience to walk with him for a while. But I cannot.

  The next best thing is to spend some personal fellowship with a great preacher like Dr. Art Wilson. He will be 90 years old on the 26th of May this year of 2002. He has been blessed of the Lord in that he is able to recount his multivaried experiences with clarity and utilize them effectively in his preaching. I can remember the first time I saw him and heard him speak. He still is the same type preacher now some 40 years later. His character and his presentation of the Gospel have not diminished.

  Yesterday, he gave one of the clearest messages that draws the lost to Christ, that I have ever heard and a harvest was reaped.

  I have, in the last few years, had the unique privilege of having this man preach in my pulpit and eat at my table. His messages and his conversations are replete with personal illustrations and experiences, so it does not take one very long to begin to follow this man as he follows Christ. This explains why I began this article with the allusion to the great apostle Paul. Very few men have such a history.

  I am not attempting to record that history here. I do know that he has been instrumental in the founding of several churches and the winning of countless souls.
  I do know that he is tireless in his work for the cause of the Gospel.
  I do know that he has evangelistic ferver and is able to counsel a distraught person or encourage a preacher to higher asperation.
  I do know that he has a keen sense of what is really going on in a Church or in a persons heart and he has the ability to colour any situation with scriptural example and then give an actual experience from his own repertoire.

  He is able to be conscious of his office in the presence of a dignitary or a child and give full attention to the individual with whom he converses. He has preached in the largest of large churches. He has preached in sawdust aisles of a tent. He has preached anywhere and anytime to a crowd of thousands or a single needy soul. He has preached fearlessly in jeopardy of life or limb and he has been an ambassador for Christ on new mission fields from Kansas to Japan.

  There cannot be any more apostles..... but one has come close.


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