Seeking God's Perfect Will

  It is evident that one of the indications of the new birth is that the born again believer becomes aware of the will of God. In other words, "It matters what God wants of me!"
  The believer cares what God thinks of him and has a real desire to be what God wants him to be.  He is not satisfied just to have a ticket to heaven.  He considers himself as a servant of the Lord and looks for opportunity to serve in the work of God.   If his heart is right with God, he doesn't see  with an eye of flesh, but with an eye of faith.  This means that he  is not concerned about how much he will make or how many benefits will occur, but whether or not God can depend on him to do the job successfully and whether or not God will give him the strength to be faithful.  He is not concerned as to whether someone else has a better position or more prominent position. He is content to be in whatever state God puts him in as long as he is assured that God is with him and wants him there.
  Sometimes trials are heavy and the battle seems over whelming.
Sometimes it seems the victories are small and the fruit is little, but satisfaction comes with God's assuring presence. Sometimes the conditions are not the greatest, but the fruit of our labor is truly blessed of the Lord.
  One of the illustrations in the Bible is the life of Phillip. The book of Acts gives the account of his ministry.  At one point, he was participating in a great reaping of Samaritan souls, but woke up one morning with God's call to go out into the desert for service.  Having no idea what God was wanting, the Bible says, "He arose and went."
  God used Phillip to reach an Ethiopian who ultimately began the Gospel inroad to the country of Ethiopia.  We never know what God has planned for us tomorrow..... we  must be willing to go as he leads and to be positive that we are exactly where he wants us to be.


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