Where are we Headed?

 September 11,2001, nineteen men took over America. They all died but their threat still remains. First we are embroyled in a never ending and growing conflict with elements of a major religion. Our bombs have targeted caves and tunnels from which some of them have exploded with arms and bodies. Those elements fade from one area to another. We have been brought back to face a former tangible enemy. Our military vehicles are once again being painted a sand color like the sands of Iraq. The average American is being held hostage by the undescribed threat of those nineteen men. A grandmother fits the profile, for an extra search at an airport. But the profile of the nineteen cannot be specified for fear of offending Moslems. The President is invoking complete power and authority to do anything he can to bring security. We are not sure who needs that security. One out of twenty people are being recruited to be secret informers. They are to watch for and report any un American behaviour.
  Pastors are being threatened not to mention homosexuality or abortion from the pulpit as it may be considered a hate crime. Hate crimes have become a federal offense. All of the current law enforcement agencies are being combined into one body. The government has not put a definite name on that body. Its initials may be SS or KJB or something similar.
  Right now you may be about to throw this article in the trash and feel that I am undermining our Christian president's cause. Have you paid any attention at all to what he is actually doing. He has appointed more gays than clinton did. He has not reversed any form of abortion. He has not reversed any one of clinton's executive orders. He has not given back any of the confiscated lands of the Northwest. After all nobody lives in the Northwest. The Mississippi is being drained to protect two endangered birds, but farmers cannot export their harvested crops. The President will not do anything about that, because he agrees that the river and 50 miles on each side of it should be made into public parks eventually. The UN has already signed treaties to that effect.
  OK, by now you are asking why does this stuff appear on this page? It is because the author wants you to realize that this world is being wrapped up for soon coming events that Daniel and Revelation tell us about. Open your eyes and Look up!


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