Why Do We Need Missionaries?

I think one of the saddest revelations that has come out of the War on Terrorism is that there is no Bible written in any of the dialects of Afganistan. We have virtually taken over the country.. at least politically and the shots fired back are minimal and still there is no move by Christian America to get the Gospel to those multitudes.That may happen and I hope it will in the near future. We owe them the Gospel. We must look upon that part of the world and many others at the same time with one vision..... not to clean them up.... not to repair their religion.... not to make miniature Americas.... but to preach unto them Christ and Him crucified.

  Jesus died for them as much as He died for us. That same blood that cleanses our sin is the only thing that will cleanse their sin. We must realize that bombers and military commandos are not carrying the Gospel into those dusty cities or upon those cratered hillsides.There is no sound of peace in the rumble of tanks and streaking jets.

  Political ideas that enlighten the Afgan government, neglects to tell them of the shouldered government of Jesus Christ. History will probably prove that when our troops are pulled out, that unstable society will immediately begin to deteriorate.. ( I remember Saigon in the 70's) If we do not obey the great commadment and fill the voids with the Word of God, we will have ignored an ideal opportunity to reach them for Jesus Christ. Pray Ye Therefore... for Laborers.... the fields are white unto harvest."


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