Sniping the Snipers

  Every few weeks, something happens in America that brings our nation to the media but not to God. Two killers have just been caught and certainly seem to be the ones who shot 13 innocent people, killing 10 of them. This included a child, men, women, blacks and whites. The media claims credit for ultimately publishing a license number that identified the killers to a citizen who called 911. A smart person...or perhaps I should say a wise person would realize that it was not police work or media saturation that caught these killers. It was not even an alert citizenry. It was God!

  Stupid killers made it easier, but God brought these killers to the light. O.K.! Now for the next several months the public will have to abide the attacks of the gun control crowd, the Ku Klux Klan types, the psychologists, the let them off easy crowd, the blame it on Bush crowd,the America is against blacks crowd and of course the pro-Islam crowd.Talking heads will fill every TV screen. The Today Show crew and the Morning Show crew will not have to scramble to invent topics to discuss for a couple of weeks. Hollywood won't be happy with that, because they take up most of those morning shows promoting their slop.

  Hardly anybody will bring up the root of the problem. Both of the killers just recently joined a violent religion. This same religion promised over 50 virgins to the 19 molsems who crashed planes filled with innocent people. They joined a false religion because no one had convinced them that Jesus Christ is the only way to God or his Kingdom. I really doubt that either of the killers had ever heard the clear Gospel. I have not heard one of their friends, relatives or business associates who evidenced a knowlege of Jesus Christ. Two of the interviewees also wore the skull caps of the islam. We have a job to do.... we had better get busy!


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