Why Twelve?  Why not dozens?

 It is not wise theology to second guess God. However, there are some questions that must be addressed in order to be honest with our presentation of God and His Word. God could have reached more people for Heaven if he had waited to allow Jesus to have access to the 21 century media. There are more people alive on the earth right now than all through history. Paul Crouch's TV network could have video published the crucifixion to over 38 countries not counting English     speakers. He would have hyped it up like most of the news rags did.
 I just watched the TBN story of Jesus birth the other night... not outstanding... but outlandish....and outrageous!
  Have you wondered why God didn't write the Gospel across the face of the moon, or why he didnt give angels the job of spreading the Gospel?  Why didn't he allow his ministers to continue with miracles?
  Why is it that some preachers today can build a Church from scratch to over 1000 in three years, when Christ left a scraggly bunch in the garden of Gethsemene after 3 years.  The Church was almost non-existent in Israel at 70ad. The 12 disciples tried hard and died hard to spread the Gospel.
  The answer to all the above is Hebrews 11:6. God's final Word is "the just shall live by faith." Martin Luther discovered that and changed his world. Each generation has to to be re-awakened to that fact and then face an over bearing religious monopoly based on "The just shall be saved by their works or merit."
  It is very obvious that God responds only to those who come to him or accept him by faith in His Word. Most Church members get in Church by hook or crook. Only a few really get it. Only a few receive the new birth. Only a few are really changed by the power of God. Only a few are endowed and endued with the Spirit of God.
  Don't forget Christ's words about the multitudes going to destruction, but only a few finding eternal life. Don't forget that Hell was once enlarged in order to contain all those who die without God's eternal life. Don't forget that in the end only those who have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life will enter Heaven's pearly gates.
  The true Gospel must be preached unto every creature.  The true Gospel includes Hearing the Word, repenting, confessing, asking & receiving Jesus Christ. as personal saviour.


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