Do We Make Excuses for God?

  If you have a Bible reading plan for 2003, you have pretty well finished the 5 books of Moses. You have watched the children of Israel cross the wilderness and Joshua leading the people into the promised land. The "Ites" are popping up like targets in an amusement park.God's command is repeated almost consecutively, "Wipe them out to, women, children, cattle, and goods." Ever since I have gone witnessing for Christ, I have often encountered a question or sometimes it is an excuse for not believing in God. That is "Why did God command His people to kill women and children of the "ITES"? Doesn't that make God a cruel God?"

  I have searched the scriptures where those commands were given,and all I have found is that many of the "ITES" were guilty of abominations and would pollute the children of God. Admittedly, that does not ease many of the arguments of the unbeliever. I cannot get the image of that familiar smirk out of my mind.

  Now that we are hearing about the Moslem's death wish on all unbelievers, it is even more difficult to get past that old question. Is there an all sufficient answer? NO! The only reply that is safe and correct is that God is God! According to his record of what all of us are, there is no valid reason why he has not obliterated us all nor is there any argument that we all do not deserve Hell!

  The first thing that we can prove from those passages is that most of us in America would be part of the "ITE"clan instead of the children of God if it wasn't for Jesus Christ. Look at America today and we are supposed to be civilized.

  We have God's Word on Walmart shelves, but we kill babies by the millions, marriage vows mean nothing, pornography is a billion dollar industry. Homosexuality has almost ensconced itself in every strata of life including the pulpits of some protestant churches. Children can view perverted sex on television or the computer. Children are bought and sold on open markets. Home has no definition. Family has no definition. Kids are not familiar with their grandparents. Hollywood is the nursemaid and baby sitter in most homes. Boys are not growing up into gentlemen and girls are not growing up into ladies. Our society worships animals and children act like the same.

  Compare our world with what God commanded for His people in His promised land, and you might get the idea why God destroyed the heathen.


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