Weapons of Mass Destruction?

 Our nation has just turned a corner in its conflict with Iraq. We had succeeded in rolling our tanks into Bagdad about 27 days after the crossing from Kuwait into Iraq. The statues of Saddam Hussein have been toppling from town squares and we have been given military tours of the palaces of the ruling class, however there is some expectation that Saddam himself might appear coming in out of a side room, because we don't know exactly where he is so far.   The phrase "weapons of mass destruction" keeps being repeated by foreign powers and critical press.   The embedded media has taken us on tours of prisons in iraq whose back yards are filled with shallow graves of executed prisoners, and they ask, "Where is the WMD?"   Our boys have uncovered trucks loads of shells, rifles, propelled grenades, gas masks and wierd weapons; and they ask, "Where is the WMD?"   British troops found 51 MIG planes (from Russia) that had been converted to dispense poisonous spray.  The critics again ask, "Where is the WMD?"  Iraqui citizens barrage the troops requesting that they help find missing fathers, brothers, & sons that Saddam or one of his sons kidnapped.  The critics ask, "Where is the WMD?"   U.S.Patrols find various missles (made in France) that are aimed all directions and not just at the Coalition. The critics still ask, "Where is the WMD?"   Millions of Iraqui people make a religious pilgrimage to their holy cities (Vainly). Something they have been forbidden to do for 30 years.  The critics ask, "Where is the WMD?"
  Saddam and his regime have built oppulent palaces and the people have had no adequate hospitals. Disease has taken its toll. The Euphrates and Tigris rivers roll nearby but children die of diarrea because of dirty water. The critics ask, "Where is the WMD?"   Soldiers and media have found hollow walls stuffed with almost a billion dollars U.S. cash in one hundred dollar bills, and the citizens have lived on less than 10% of poverty level for over 30 years. The critics ask, "Where is the WMD?"
  God's word promises that God's judgement is coming in which God will judge every soul because every soul has sinned. God's Word has given warning of how to escape that coming judgement through the atonement of Jesus Christ on the Cross.   The World has passed laws and made legislation that has changed sin into social behaviour and asks," Where is SIN?"


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