President Bush has presented Israel and the palestinian leaders a basic plan to supposedly solve their conflicts by 2004. It seems that the President was pressured or forced to put this on the table to partially justify his incursion into Iraq (not my words or opinion.....I am glad and thankful that we did incur!) Anyhow the leaders have the document or "map" in their hands and meetings are being held to work it out. Both peoples have cited historical ownership to the properties through their ancestor, Abraham. The world has been held at bay from involvement based on Bible boundries and provisions. The lost world favors the nomadic palestinians whose real home is Jordan and Syria.

  The world that is influenced to any degree by the Bible is in favor of the Israelites. In fairness, the Jews have only been back in the land for about 60 years. A close look at God's promise to Abraham reveals that God only promised the land to a seed of Abraham, not seeds. Genesis 12 and Romans 9-11. Ephesians 1 reveals that the final ownership will be the elect of God and those who are in Him. Christ is the singular seed that descended from Abraham. So! How will a Road Map have any effect on the situation? Probably about as much as the ideas and plans that U.S. Presidents since Jimmy Carter have been presiding to these two combatants. The map will have many detours!

  The real problem is that the Jews can prove their rights to the land with the oldest land deed in existence... The Holy Bible. ThePalestinians, like their cousins, the Philistines, hate the Jews and want to anihilate them. So there will be no peace as long as either side can see a border or over that border. One thing you can mark down is that this conflict will go on until the Lord Jesus comes back to settle the conflict once and for all. In fact it will probably escallate into a world division with some world leader taking part.


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