When in Doubt Refer back to the Instruction Book

  Man, there is so much pressure and promises to move into the 21stCentury. Books, videos, programs, seminars and PR individuals are busily promoting and prodding Pastors and Churches to leave the outdated past and get with the program for today... the real now! Entire denominations and church movements are jumping head first into the mix and exclaiming how great it is.

  Some Churches are jumping in without their pastor and some pastors are jumping in without their Church. Some of the most visible areas of these moves is the atmosphere of the Church service. People can come dressed "as you are." The pastor has a colorful hawaiian shirt... it might be buttoned up to his neck with a little decoration on the top button. He may or may not be wearing bermuda shorts and sneakers (No one is allowed to dictate uniform.) He may give a talk on any subject and throw an appropriate verse in from an appropriate bible version. He makes a conscious effort to not offend any of the attendees (no need of membership). He has co-ordinated his subject with the praise team and the worship leader and they generally put on a pretty neat show. Lots of raised hands among the attendees signify that they are doing a good job of extolling the crowd. He is very careful not to meddle with people's personal lives and their shortcomings, because he imbibes in most of the same short comings and has excused himself as being a sinner, saved by grace!

  His main job is to help people get rid of their individual guilts and to help them see their true worth to the cause of the common Jesus.
"The instruction book is outdated and ignored by them. "


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