What Have We Lost?

  When the civilized world stopped believing that God is really God, then we started losing. Yes, it is true that during the early years of my youth, the civilized world believed God was really God, but not now. This is proven by noting that within my lifetime the school systems kicked God out of the class rooms. The supreme Court approved the murder of millions of babies. The Ten Commandments have been classified as religious nonsense. The birth of Jesus has been removed from Christmas. Hollywood has produced its own "GOD" personalized by the foul mouthed George Burns. The Presbyterians are debating how to put a feminine name into the Holy Trinity as well as how to include homosexuals in their clergy. Marriage has already begun to apply to any two perverts who want to cohabitate, and I expect the USA government will use its delaying and ignoring important decisions to allow it to be ensconced in America.

  So what are we losing?

  Our senses for one! God's blessing. God's protection from pestilence, war, and poverty. God's solid ground as to what is really civilized. I cannot believe the UN is right now on the verge of declaring us (US) an outlaw nation because we are not outlawing all firearm possession, but it is. They have already got it done in Canada, Britain and Australia.
  We are losing a whole generation right here in America who are not being told the truth about a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun.

  We are losing a generation of people (aborted) who will not be able to sustain the economy or operation of our country in its future. We are probably doomed to be a 4th world culture within just a few years. Zambia will have more power than we will!

  ' We are losing our wealth to other countries who are welcoming what used to be major corporations here in America. Our court systems are passing laws to prohibit big business. Lawyers are making the business world their target for lawsuits. Some lawyers are making Churches their targets for lawsuits. The homosexuals are invading Churches in order to destroy them internally.

  It is wise for Churches to change their constitutions and by laws to stop this insidious attack. What will you do when two men who have been legally allowed to marry, come to your Pastor desiring to be wed?

  We are losing our brains to the increased usage of illicit and mind altering drugs. It is amazing to me how the government talks of the war on drugs, but the average town has known individuals who deal in drugs without fear of criminal charges. I my self have been told by Christians that marijuana is a harmless drug and that it should be legalized. Anyone with half a brain knows that marijuana is the first step to drug addictions. If marijuana were to be legalized, the plea would immediately begin to legalize crack, crystal or meth.  And what about alcohol. More and more teenagers are getting hooked on alcohol. Adults are providing them with liquor and starting them on the downward slide to destruction or prison.

  Meanwhile the so called adults will demand their rights to buy and drink alcoholic beverages. The booze factories will pretend to help our environment and build sports facilities while destroying the lives of our young people.

  We are losing good things which God is well known for not withholding. Why can't we as a civilized nation, not see what is happening to our wonderful past?

  I believe we have been blinded by the devil himself who captures whom he will at his will. Since we as a nation have forgotten the God of the Bible, we are doomed to suffer the fate of Romans chapter one. America be warned, God is not mocked...."
  Christian believer, I believe we must cry louder the warnings of the soon judgment of a Holy God. The Bible has not left us without the words of truth and has actually given us the words to say,
"Repent, else ye shall all likewise perish!"


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