The Word of God

  I am happy and will always be happy that I was brought into the world of Bible believing Baptists. I know that I personally need a solid foundation for my philosophies of life. The decisions and endeavors that I make must have the rationale of a conclusion. The Bible is the only book that actually makes sense of what this existence is all about. It is marvelous in that it gives examples where example is needed. It gives command where command is needed. It gives warning where warning is needed. It gives hope where hope is needed.It has the only real saviour where a saviour is needed. Though it is not open to private interpretation, it is sufficient for the individual, a congregation, a nation or the world.
  The point to this article is to ask, "Do I really believe the Bible is the Word of God?"
I have asked myself the question and I have had others ask me that question.
The answer is, "Yes!"
  The next question that follows from others is, "Why don't we do what the Bible says?"
That is a loaded question, but one that must be answered to justify our position.
  First of all, we must believe the God of the Bible. That he truly is the God with whom we have to do. He is all powerful, he is all knowing and he is ever present. There is nobody else like him. He put us here and he will dispose of us as he wills. We only have the choices that his grace provides. The main choice for us is for Jesus! Now we have a thick book that has stood the tests of time and temperment. There is no doubt in the satisfied mind that this Book is from God imself. So, every word has meaning at least to someone and every word has purpose to every one.
  According to Jesus every jot and tittle is to be considered necessary. This thick book holds God's plan of salvation plus a continuous flow of spiritual supply for any believer.The true believer responds to the book with positive response most of the time, and is continually drawing closer to God through the book and the Holy Spirit. He has found the book that used harsh laws to bring repentence. The repentent heart was reborn with the laws of God permanently embedded. It is a joy to obey the book as a child of God, rather than the law in stone.


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