The Passion Movie

  At this writing, the movie about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has hit the theater circuit. I will not be attending a theater that shows hollywood movies for any movie. Therefore I am not qualified to comment on the movie itself. I have seen the trailers, and I have heard & seen Mr. Gibson interviews... this commentary is about what I have actually observed. I believe the Bible accounts of the crucifixion will reveal truths that Mr. Gibson did not follow. His own beliefs are evident in his interviews and in the trailers.

  Jesus did not have long hair. The Gospels tell us that Mary was a busybody into the ministry of Jesus. On one occasion he ignored her and her other children, stating that his followers were his family. He had rebuked Mary to her face on another occasion wondering what he was going to do with her. The only reference made about her in the last hours of Jesus, was that Jesus placed her into the hands of John. After the Gospels, Mary is mentioned only one time in the remaining 23 books of the New Testament. It is not uncommon for hollywood to put a more favorable light upon Mary. The Catholic Church has always had great influence upon hollywood. The Catholic church has deified Mary, (made her like God) According to Catholics Mary is the necessary mediatrix to reach Jesus. This is not true according to the Bible.

  The Bible account of the crucifixion is not "R" rated. It has never been too graphic that a little child would have to be kept from hearing it read. Only a paranoid parent would find fault with the story in the Bible. That parent wouldn't be living in the real world.

  It is true that the Bible does not go into vivid detail of what the soldiers did to Jesus, but no one has the right to describe his imaginations or visions as images or facts meant to portray Christ as the victim of the cruelties of wicked men. Jesus came to this earth for the purpose of dying on the Cross! I have heard preachers preach that He had asked God to deliver him from the cup (that horrible crucifixion.) This is not true. He was seeking deliverance from the temptation to not go through the crucifixion.

  There is one thing that I can speak on behalf of Mel Gibson. He has drawn the ire and ridicule from his peers, the media and the anti-Christ elements of our world. Most of hollywoods presentations of anything about Jesus pictures him as a pitiful, non deified, tainted character. Judas is portrayed as an unsung hero or at least a misunderstood zealot who was misled by Jesus.
Hollywood will never get it right!


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