The Gates of Hell

  This article is a followup on a message that I preached a few Sunday mornings ago. I apologise to God and my Church that messages on hell are so infrequent.
  The Bible is the source and only source of information about hell. There is enough allusions to it to be sure that it truly exists, but as some other subjects of the Bible, there is just enough exposure that it takes faith to see it as real. It is there, but it takes faith to realize it is there. Therefore the world and I'm sorry to say some religious experts, do everything they can to prove that hell does not exist.
  It is pretty evident that hell's greatest influx was when the multitudes who perished in the cold waters of the Noaic deluvian suddenly woke up in the moistureless flames of hell. But, Jesus said that the road to hell is wide and many there be that go therein. So there is a constant flow of humanity that wind up there for eternity.. never to leave or escape. God will never have mercy upon the inhabitants of hell. He will never loose them from the flames. He will not change his mind. He will not turn down the thermostat.
  One aspect of the subject of hell is its own personality.
  Like any fire it needs combustables to feed it. I am not speaking of inflamable materials like wood or fuel oil. I am speaking of lost souls. Whenever we read any portion of scripture that speaks of hell, we are immediately hit with the impression of its hunger for more. Sometimes it almost reaches into the present visible realm to drag some poor soul into its fiery depths. Anyone who dies or is brought to his appointment of death does not go through an introductry phase, but opens his eyes in the flames Luke 16. There is no court hearing. There is no lawyer deals, there are no bail bonds. Blink your eyes in this world and unblink them in hell.
  There is no "Welcome Wagon' in hell. No one knows that you have arrived... no one cares that you have arrived. No one even feels sorry that you have arrived except maybe for those believers you left behind who tried their best to convince you to receive Christ personally.
  By the way any and all their prayers for you to escape hell will not be answered. If they lit every candle in the world, it would only add to your heat in hell.
  Do you realize that if your name is not listed in the Lamb's Book of Life for Heaven, then your name is listed as a citizen of hell.
  Not because of something you did, but because you are a sinner and you need to be saved from hell. Jesus is the only answer!


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