How Much Longer a Christian Nation?

  Some would consider the title of this article redundant? One must first consider why the question is raised in the first place. The question is raised by those who notice differences in certain areas.The elderly are the strongest voice decrying the decay of Christianity in America. They are eyewitnesses and currently experiencing the erosion. They speak of days when Revival services were referred to as protractive... meaning open ended. The meetings were planned as long as people showed up. They speak of full altars. There was a great stiring when the invitation was given. Sometimes the entire front of the Church was filled with respondents. The respondents were referred to as mourners. That is because they were crying buckets as they came forward. The sobs of sinners were loud enough to be heard at the back of the sanctuary. Parents had a genuine burden when they prayed for a straying or erring son or daughter. They didn't try to hide it or excuse it.... they knew the devil had their kid and they wanted God to bring the erring back.

  Can you imagine a zealous woman being able to close all the beer joints down in a large town today? Can you imagine the street drains smelling of whiskey after an evangelist had held a week's meetings in a large town today? People repented by destroying their home bars. They didn't even have a yard sale of the bar equipment.Can you imagine a dad standing before the congregation and apologize to his wife and kids as to what a drunk and louse he had been?

  People today call such things today, "social ills." They blame everything but the drunk. A real Christian is one who never misses a Church service. They are there Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. They show up for any other occasion that the Church doors are opened.

  It is hard to keep the Sunday morning service attended today. Many Churches have resorted to various Circus acts to keep people interested.There is no limit with what they will use to get a crowd. This writer has been chided because he has a negative attitude about methods used to get crowds. My negativity comes from watching these same churches resort to the same tactics to keep the crowds. I know that real born again people do not have to be coerced into attending Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.

  Saved people are baptized and join the Church and become faithful active members.


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