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A Unique Process

  America has a unique way of choosing its leader. There have never been nor are there many others now that have this unique practice.The unique process is the common people casting votes.

  Ideally, each voter has the equal power to choose who he or she wants to be the leader of the country. Sometimes we suspicion that politics and other unseen powers manipulate the outcome of this process, but at least there is no physical violence that brings a leader into power.

  We have relative peaceful transistions of leadership every four years. Since we, as the common people, have this unique power, we must protect that power and we must wisely use that power. Since there is a God in Heaven, we must also rely on his nature and his word to give us the needed wisdom. The unique process is a fragile process. We can lose it or watch it be taken away... either by wicked men or a heavenly judge.

  America was founded by God fearing people. The leaders who designed our way of life and government were God fearing men. The papers and documents that they drew up for our government revealed that they had a recognition of the supremacy of a living God. They were intent to allow him to be supreme and that man could not subvert that supremacy.Sadly they had no idea that man would take the very protective powers of those documents and twist them to try to remove God from our domain.The laws that were designed to protect us and keep us civilized have been amended to include uncivilized behaviour.

  Time has brought dreadful changes to our freedoms. Freedom has always existed for every person... defined by a simple statement, "Your freedom ends where mine begins!" Our freedoms cannot infringe upon the freedoms of others. We must all be equally free. Therefore we must respect the freedom of others in relation to our own freedoms. Civil rights have been placed into laws, but have been twisted. Our votes have become more crucial to keep our freedoms from being taken away or twisted.

  Our vote must protect the life of the preborn. Our vote must protect the sanctity of marriage. Our vote must protect us from foreign invasion. Our vote must keep the government from assuming greater power than that which was ordained by the founders.Those who vie for leadership generally express their philosophy on what the government should do and be.

  Government must be controlled by the people not the reverse.

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