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Where is the Lord God of Elijah?

  One of the best stories in the Bible is the story of the transferring of Elijah's ministry to Elisha. Elijah stands out as the prophet that faced Ahab, Jezebel and over 800 false prophets of Baal. The great victory of God over the paganistic turn of Israel under Ahab that was wrought at the hand of Elijah.

  Elijah's name and place in Israel's history was so pivotal that John the Baptist was as close as possible of being a reincarnation of Elijah... of course he was not a reincarnation because reincarnation is a lie of the devil. God's hand worked mightily in the life of Elijah and Israel was led to a greater relationship with God through the ministry of Elijah; but the time of Elijah had to come to an end. God had chosen a young farmer to take his place. Elisha!

  Elisha heard the call of God and literally sacrificed his career to serve the Lord in answer to that call. He latched onto Elijah and began to shadow his steps in order to learn everything he could from the master, and be ready to step in when God showed that it was time. There was at that time, what we would call a Bible College, which was under the leadership of Elijah. The students of that college were being taught the human ministries of being servants of God and also in training as future prophets. They were actively involved in the ministry as directed by Elijah, but Elisha was different. He was determined that the power of God that rested upon Elijah, would also rest upon himself. That is the reason that Elijah always had this shadow. Even when he would discourage Elisha or redirect his attentions, Elisha was focused on his call and God's power.

  It is really sad today, to watch the course of people who claim to be followers of God and have taken the name of Jesus Christ. They are like the students of Elijah's Bible college letting little dities and duties permeate their whole comprehension of the power of God. They put their hands to the plow and the axe. They work hard to do what they think and comprehend as the will of God. They are diligent in their studies and are obedient to the established norms of their callings.... but they are walking in their own strengths and abilities. They resort to follow the ideas and formulations of their peers. They latch on to whatever means or promotions that the mass of the world respond to. They are motivated by numerical or popular response. They will not be bound by historic or proven standards of God's workings, but are driven to find some new thing that works in what they perceive as success.

  Should we not be looking for the mantle of God? Should we not be seeking the Lord God of Elijah?

  Perhaps we are a little hesitant to ask that question.


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