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What is New about 2005

 We are now scooting along in the new millenium. Most of us were born sometime in the 19 hundreds and some of us may remember spending time with a parent or grand parent that was born before the turn of the last century. Time just rockets along, leaving a trail of some amazing events, occurances and happenings. Each generation adds new inventions and discoveries.

  I have lived long enough to witness discoveries of new areas on the face of the earth and discoveries on the face of the moon. I have lived long enough to watch the first jet fly over, to see the first tv screen. I was here when Al Gore invented the internet.NOT!

  I have seen the polio epidemic come and go. I grieved when I saw the plight of Thalidomide babies. I was watching live tv when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. I could have gone to Vietnam, but was declared 4f as a minister. The U.S. draft system had that same classification for the mentally incompetent. I was for and still would be for winning that war! Politicians and Peacenics ruined our chances of winning, and succeded in changing American pride into America trashed.

  Most of my life was spent with a fear of some country going crazy with the atomic bomb. Russia was our biggest threat, but Cuba was right next door.

  Hollywood has come from entertainment to filth. It is a shame that movie stars like Robin Williams and Jim Carey are perverts when they could have brought clean comedy into the lives of children and adults. It seems to me that there is some kind of conspiracy in Horrorwood to destroy the last vestages of decency in the streets of America. I am writing this at Christmas time and notice that the Christmas movies recently produced for the theaters are gory and monstrous. TV stations have to resort to the 30's for any films that children can watch unscathed. You would think that the film industry could wake up to the popularity of "Miracle on 34th Street" or "Its a Wonderful Life" and make more of that type of movie today... but they are blind and bent on producing perversion and trash. Of course I am not a fan of hollywood in any way.

  So, time rolls on.

  One thing I am positively sure about. That Jesus is coming back. I have heard that since I was a little boy. I picked up the megaphone at 17 and I still say some 50 years later that Jesus is coming for we who have been born of His Spirit. We will not have time to blink our eyes, when He calls, before we will be at His side in the clouds and on our way to glory.

  Time and history are weaving a tale and a toll. All the events and courses of events will one day be brought before the judgement of a righteous judge. Are you ready?


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