Laying down one's Life

  It was a beautiful day. This second work day had begun to come together and the city was beginning to come to life. Stores were opening and traffic was working toward its daily crescendo. Some noticed a low flying aircraft that had come from the direction of the Empire State building flying a direct shot down the middle of the New York land mass that ended at Manhatten. The plane flew directly into one of the world trade center buildings with a terriffic blast. Suddenly history took a sharp left turn.

  Emergency personnel immeciately began pouring out of their watch stations and off their beats. Off duty and on calls also responded, because they knew this was a big one. No hollywood movie could mimic the horror that was recorded by amateur photographers. Average citizens running one direction... uniforms running the opposite. Firemen and policemen, both male and female, rushed into the wide glass doors that lined the bottom floor of that building. They had to dodge the heavy stream of humanity that was gushing out. They yelled at each other to take up positions to help the fleeing mass. Many bounded up stairs to try to reach the helpless and eventually the hopeless. Most of them had taken a last glimpse at the devastation of the building's top floors as they entered the glass doors, so they knew that they were in extreme danger, yet they pushed forward. Personal radios crackled information and instructions. They heard that bodies and debris were raining from the burning inferno above... death was collecting a growing toll. They knew they were possibly entering that list; yet they pushed forward. Training had prepared them but now their training seemed inadequate in the face of this disaster. Minutes were flying, still the melee against terror increased. The men and women who had one day joined because of an inward call or perhaps for the excitement found themselves in the ultimate test. If I don't leave now, I may die. Over 300 did not leave.

  The Bible says in the Book of Romans, chapter 5 that it is a rare thing for someone to die for the sake of someone else. It is a rare person who would lay down his life for a friend, and even rarer for strangers.... those men and women died for people that under normal conditions hardly ever noticed them.

  Jesus Christ, whom the Bible says was equal to God, came to this earth, took on the form of man, was rejected of men, and died as a common thief on a cross. He did all that because men needed to be saved from their sin. He did all that in order for men to be saved. He shed His blood as a volunteer sacrifice.


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