Thanks for Nothing!

  One of the most difficult aspects of the Christian life is faithfulness. There is a small number in the average Church that get involved in the actual works of a Church. They not only attend Sunday morning service but also show up Sunday night and Wednesday night. This is because they are committed to Christ. They do not think of the Church as a religious club, but they believe that there is where they meet with the Lord and get marching orders through the Holy Spirit. They get excited about what the Lord is doing in Church, in the lives of other members, and what the sermons are about. They are the ones who volunteer for the odd jobs in the service of the Lord. They keep the nursery, clean the buildings, mow the grass, drive the van, etc. The difficulty lies in the ability to serve the Lord when we don't see tangible results.

  Take visitation for instance. We visit a family over and over again. They never darken the Church. We go door to door and no one ever walks into the Church that we remember visiting. It seems like we drive more people away than we bring in. Then there is the janitor work. Any house wife knows this story, but sometimes we forget. You do your very best to make the place shine. You pickup every little piece of lint and stuff off the floor. One service and it looks like a tornado came through. Its like no one touched the place to clean it. Someone even mentions to you how trashy the place looks! Then there is the bulletin. You spend several hours putting it together. You try to include all the necessary things that go into a good bulletin and to make it attractive also. After it is printed and posted, you wait for the congregation to eagerly snap it up.

  When we do things that don't seem to be appreciated by those around us, we are apt to lose our enthusiasm when it seems no one cares. It is very easy for us to throw our own little pity party.

  "Well if no one cares then I will just stop!" we say, and lay aside our purpose and quit.

  What we need to do is make sure that what we are doing for the Lord is for the Lord. We need to make sure that he wants us to do this job. We need to make sure that He is doing it through us. We need to make sure that we are doing it for his glory. We need to remember that we serve the Lord by faith and not by sight. We need to be aware that some things we do won't be rewarded until we step through the pearly gates.


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