The Snake's Head is Still alive!

  At this writing, our troops are still fighting a ferocious enemy in Iraq. This is in spite of a 60+% turnout for a preliminary vote by the Iraqi people last Sunday.

  I have never been in the Armed services and have very little diplomatic sense, but I believe I know why we are still losing precious lives in that country. It is because Sadam Hussein is still alive.
  Many of the insurgents are foreigners from nearby Moslem countries. They continue to pour into Iraq over impossible borders. They appeal to young Iraqi people and align themselves with the hundreds of former soldiers loyal to Sadam. Therefore as long as the snake's head is alive, the snake continues to strike!

  For some reason the American forces had to turn the monster over to the shaky leadership of Iraq. He has been secreted away to an undisclosed place. Occasionally the Red Cross or somebody visits him and brings news that he is in good health and building his legal case. And we wonder why car bombs are still going off. Why our troops and innocent Iraqi people are having their heads cut off. It is because the evil empire still exists underground and their leader is comfortably enjoying his rights.

  There needs to be a speedy trial. The military judges must be chosen by the combined leadership of the armies who defeated him. The witnesses must be freely allowed to testify of the atrocities that were done to the Iraqi people over the past 30 years.

  When this is done, the man will be found guilty of horrible crimes. He must be sentenced to die for those crimes. Then he must be executed. Common sense dictates it! The Bible commands it!

  Not until justice is served will the violence subside.

  One more thing. It amazes me that the liberals continue to scream, "Bring the troops home!" Yet they don't seem interested in Sadam. Could it be that they would want to turn him loose. After all he has probably been rehabilitated.

  Yeah right!


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