Dear God, I know that I am a Sinner;
Please save me in Jesus' Name.

 The title of this article is the most wonderful prayer anyone can make to God. These words or similar words are necessary to be the first words said by a sinner that God hears. These words can mean the difference betweeen heaven and hell. These or similar words are the necessary words that changes a sinner into a saint. These words or similar words open the doors of heaven to allow a person to begin a personal relationship with God. These are the words that God's Word speaks of when it says,"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Anyone going to Heaven must have said these or similar words at one special time.

  Millions of people testify that they said these or similar words when they met God for the first time.

  The following paragraph will be met with disbelief in some readers. It has become a debatible subject in denominational differences. It has become a divisive factor within the ranks of evangelical Churches. You will find yourself in agreement or disagreement with the following.

  Many people who say the words in the title of this article do not get saved. They do not connect with God, and they are not born again. There is no real change in their nature. There is little continuing evidence that they are on their way to heaven.

  Before argument presents itself, let's remember one thing. Faith or belief has not been brought into the picture. The Bible speaks of, "with the heart man believeth and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." Romans 10:10 In other words, saying words, without heart faith have no effect with God (I truly mean the faith of the one saying the words, not the one who is prompting the words to be said.) A person who simply says words to God that are not borne by faith must not expect any response from God because in their heart they do not really expect any response from God.

  A person who has been born from above, has been regenerated from death to life. They have become a new creature. They receive what can be termed, "the mind of God." They see sin for the first time. They know forgiveness for the first time. A love for God springs up from a repentant heart. A love for the things of God replaces the love for the things of this world. Jesus Christ becomes Wonderful.


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