Who is Captain of this Ship?

  As I write this article, a woman is slowly dying in Florida. A decision was made to take away her life support. Of course, America has been conditioned to beleive that every American has the choice as to whether he or she will live or die. This has been brought about by the advances in medicine that enables tubes and wires to be connected to a human body in order for it to be kept alive by artificial means. This particular case has gained a nationwide attention. A husband has been trying to disconnect the tubes and wires against the wife's parents' wishes. The case had been decided by a judge, then a panel of judges. The press has published pictures of the woman, obviously not communicative but breathing on her own and looking around with her eyes. The parents say that she responds in positive ways; the husband says she is comotose. The battle has become a public battle and people are taking sides. In a unique move, the congress met and passed a law, trying to reverse the decision to pull the tubes and the President of the United States signed it into law. How- ever they somehow tossed it back to judges to make the final decision, and once again the judges are making the same decisions.

  It seems to me that lawyers and judges are actually running this country. Everything about the American way is being challenged in courts. Another fellow on the east coast is threatning to sue a town, because he had to say "Under God" in a public pledge and he was offended by that. He will probably win his case. After all majority no longer rules when there is disagreement by one. I wonder if that will be true when America's majority is no longer Christian in a couple of days.

  OK! back to the original subject of this article..Who is in charge of the country? The best I remember in my government and civics classes 50 or so years ago, there are supposed to be three divisions of our constitutional government, governed by that constitution. First there is the Executive branch, then there is the Legislative branch, and then there is the judicial branch. In this process members of the legislative branch come up with proposed laws etc., the Executive branch signs them into law. Then the judicial branch decides the constitunality of that law and sees that the country abides by that law. I'm not sure when problems began to develop in this relationship, but I do know that recently it has become blatent. It looks to me that the judicial branch has used their "power" and abused their "power" to the point that they are interpreting the constitutional and congressional laws the way they see them or worse the way A.Civic L.U. lawyers want them to see them.


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